Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 875

Chapter 875 Good Night Lier 1

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Huang Yueli pushed Li Moying but he didn’t nudge at all so she furiously stared at him and increased her strength to push him but he still didn’t nudge one bit.

Indeed, she also knew that the disparity between their powers were very huge and if Li Moying really didn’t want to leave, she doesn’t even need to hope that she could make him leave. But she had not expected this fellow to really shamelessly hang around.

Huang Yueli got angry and struck a palm strike towards his chest and in that strike, she included a Profound Skill!

A stream of fire patterned illusion appeared in her palm as scorching fire attributed Profound Energy lashed towards Li Moying’s chest!

Unfortunately, even though Huang Yueli was usually very incisive when making a move against her enemies, but in front of this man, she was still soft hearted.

Li Moying stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist and in a moment, he managed to strip her of her strength and after detaining her hand, he brought her into his embrace.

“Why so fierce?” He smiled lightly.

Huang Yueli used force to withdraw her hand but was unable to do so.

“What do you really want!”

Li Moying saw his little fox was on the verge of outburst and he finally decided not to tease her any further as he kept his smile away and turned solemn.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore! There’s a reason why I saw I want to sleep with you. You know that I have the Soul Detachment Illness since young and my soul is not stable. Previous times…. Previously there were many times when I acted up and you’ve also seen it for yourself…..”

When she heard him talking about his illness, Huang Yueli stopped struggling, “….. so?”

“I think you have already noticed it, you have a kind of…. special influence over me. When I act up, as long as you get close to me, my symptoms will reduce and your kisses even make me gradually recover even in the most severe situation…..”

When he mentioned “kisses”, Li Moying subconsciously shifted his gaze to the lips of the young lady who was in his embrace.

That pink pouty glaze looked like an oriental cherry which was blooming, tempting one to his best endurance.

Huang Yueli turned red from his glare as she pursed her lips and hurriedly cut him off.

“That’s right, it is indeed so. But why did this happen?”

Li Moying replied her, “I’m not too sure, but ever since the first time I met you, I could feel a special presence from you and just getting close to you will make my frustrated feelings calm down. That feeling is extremely comfortable… so I totally cannot control myself and keep wanting to stay by your side. Although I cannot explain why but this influence indeed exists.”

Huang Yueli frowned, “Really?” No wonder ever since this man met her for the first time, he started to entangle with her.

But she had heard that the treatment for Soul Detachment Illness usually used a Profound Armament like the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror to stabilise one’s soul and also used in coordination with some medicinal pills and such. But she had never heard before that getting close to a certain person would reduce the syndromes!

This sounded a bit too ridiculous!

But Li Moying absolutely did not cheat her. Because when his symptoms acted up, she was able to stop him and this had already been verified twice.

However what… was the exact reason for this?

Huang Yueli was still puzzled after much thought and as she was too engrossed, she didn’t even noticed that Li Moying’s hand had already placed on her waist.

“Really, so this is also the reason why I came to look for you tonight.” Li Moying spoke in a low voice.