Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Good Night Lier 2

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Huang Yueli raised her head and looked at him puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Li Moying explained, “Do you remember that last night when I had passed my Profound Energy to you, I had expended all my energy and accidentally fell asleep. In the end, I slept all the way till morning and was almost branded as a lecher by you.”

Huang Yueli mumbled, “Then when a lady wakes up early in the morning to discover that she wasn’t wearing any clothes and sleeping next to a man, wouldn’t she get agitated?”

Li Moying shook his head and replied helplessly, “Right, that’s my wrongdoing! But what you don’t know is in my memories, I had never slept so peacefully for a single night at all!”

Huang Yueli was dumbfounded, “You…..”

She seemed to understand what Li Moying was trying to say instantly!

Li Moying continued explaining, “Due to the influence of the Soul Detachment Illness, I usually find it hard to fall asleep at night. Even if I do fall asleep, I will wake up within a short frame of time and my emotions are usually unstable. When I was young, I’d have frequent headaches and strange images will flash past my head. It was only after my cultivation had gradually became much higher when it got slightly better. But with you by my side, I was actually able to sleep ten to twelve hours and not to mention that it was deep sleep. If it wasn’t for the fact that you suddenly screamed, I would have felt nothing at all.”

His tone was extremely indifferent, as though he didn’t treat it like anything important, like he was talking about another person’s story.

But in Huang Yueli’s ears, she suddenly felt an acrid sensation and started to feel sorry and even anguish for him.

Li Moying was a man whose appearance was strong and overbearing and his ability was exceeding, seemingly without any flaws or nothing could defeat him. But in actual fact, he had taken a lot of hardship and endured many sins. He had grown from a young weakling to a strong man gradually…..

Huang Yueli tipped her toes as she placed her hand on his shoulder and gently patted him.

“Really? You will sleep especially well beside me?”

Her fair delicate face was right in front of his eyes and that pair of autumn water eyes kept sparkling, revealing the worries and uneasiness in her eyes.

Li Moying’s heart was set at ease as his tone soon turned as gentle as water.

“Really, my little thing, so can you pity me and allow me to rest beside you? I swear that I will absolutely not do anything to you, hmm?”

Huang Yueli stared at his handsome face as she went deep into her thoughts and her lips unconsciously pouted.

This man was just too sinister and this was stepping on her vulnerable spot!

If he had continued to be so intense and overbearing, then she definitely would not listen to him but he purposely made himself out to be so pitiful!

Li Moying’s eyes were exceptionally seductive and at this moment, he looked at her with tender sentiments, making her heart skip several beats not knowing how to reject him at all!

Anyway… he said he wouldn’t do anything to her…..

It was just….. was just borrowing a bed only. As a practitioner who went out to train, there were times when the conditions were not very good, so they slept all together on the ground! It should… should not be counted as anything right?

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

A glint of joy flashed by his eyes immediately as his arms withdrew and locked her into a warm and tight embrace!

“Li’er, you’re wonderful. I knew it, you treat me the best! You will absolutely not leave me alone!”

Huang Yueli was caught by surprise as she was held into his full embrace.