Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Good Night Lier 3

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Huang Yueli’s face was plastered laterally onto his chest and she could clearly felt sturdy robust chest muscles beneath that thin piece of material, firm and strong, giving off a pure man’s powerful presence. The warm breadth caressing the back of her ear made her felt ineffably reassured…..

A slender and delicate hand was pressed against Li Moying’s chest, wanting to push him away but eventually softly resting on top without any strength.

Li Moying noticed that she had softened up and took things one step further as he hugged her without letting go.

Huang Yueli allowed him to hug her for a while but eventually realised that something was not right and used her strength to push him, “Have you hugged enough or not!”

“Not!” Li Moying replied resolutely.

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched, “Earlier we agreed on this that you will not get fresh with me, otherwise…..”

“Alright, alright, I’ve hugged enough…. Earlier I was just too excited. Li’er don’t you have a bit of compassion at all?”

When Li Moying heard what she said, he immediately took a step backward as he raised both hands in a surrender position and at the same time, displayed an innocent look as he grumbled.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips, looking at him in disbelief, deeply feeling that she seemed to have made a wrong decision, as if she had led wolf into the house?

“You guarantee that you will not do anything to me that you’re not supposed to do?”

“I guarantee!”

Huang Yueli stared at him for a moment more and although she didn’t feel too assured, but Li Moying’s terrifying look when his illness acted up stayed in her memory and plus the fact that she knew at the back of her mind that when this man acted shamelessly, no matter how she chased him away, it was fruitless so she might as well agree to his request…..

She thought for a moment when she lifted the blanket on the bed and folded it into a thin divider before placing it onto the middle of the big bed. It looked like a small mountain diving the big bed into two halves.

“You will take one half and I will take the other half. No one is allowed to cross the boundary!”

Li Moying looked at the blanket on the bed and was rendered speechless. At the same time he couldn’t help but lament that his little fox was really getting smarter and smarter, and more and more difficult to cheat her.

Like this current example, if he wanted to get fresh with her, the difficulty had increased by quite a bit…..

He nodded, “Right, I’ll listen to whatever you say! As long as you agree to take me in!”

Huang Yueli was satisfied.

The negotiation between the two of them wasted quite an amount of time and at this moment, the night was no longer young.

Huang Yueli climbed onto the inside of the big bed to lay down and she pulled the blanket up, covering up to her chin as a pair of big eyes looked around alertly at the man on the other side of her bed.

Li Moying swept her a glance as his lips curled upwards, “Li’er, it’s already summer. Don’t you feel hot covering up so much?”

“Not hot!”

“Really? But your forehead seems clammy. Looks like you’re sweating quite a bit…..”

“You saw it wrongly!”

“Alright, then treat it as I’ve seen it wrongly.”

Li Moying looked at her tensed expression as his mood turned for the better. If it was said that he was disappointed earlier because he didn’t get to take advantage of his little fox, then now his heart was filled completely with happiness.

Looking at Huang Yueli stretching out her little paw secretly to wipe off the sweat on her forehead, Li Moying’s smile on his lips became deeper.

Just thinking that he would be able to see her cute expressions everyday already made him very satisfied. He didn’t insist of having any substantial relationship with her. After all…. She would be his sooner or later.

Li Moying took off his outer robe and boots under her careful watch and laid properly on the other side of the big bed, with no intention of crossing the “boundary” that Huang Yueli had set up.