Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Good Night Lier 4

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Li Moying’s deep voice was heard, “Good night, Li’er.”

“….. Good night.” Huang Yueli responded quietly.

She stretched out her finger and pointed as the light on the table was extinguished immediately and the room was totally pitch black.

Huang Yueli was initially anxious, worried that after Li Moying came onto the bed, he would do something so in the darkness, she held on tightly to the blanket and refused to let go. At the same time, her ears perked up listening to every single movement coming from Li Moying’s side.

But very quickly, Li Moying’s breathing became lighter and lighter and longer and longer. Apparently, he had already entered dreamland.

“What? He slept even faster than me! Still claim that he can’t sleep every day? Could he be lying to me?”

Huang Yueli turned her head to the side and using the dim light shining in from the window, she looked at the man who laid beside her.

Li Moying laid quietly, both eyes shut and his long eyelashes resembling a little fan drooped down. The usually stern and overbearing man looked extremely relaxed and tranquil at this moment, and his lips maintained an upward curl.

Huang Yueli felt unbalanced. She was anxious for an entire night and she couldn’t even sleep while the man who claimed that he had insomnia, slept this well?

She couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and pinched his upright nose bridge.

Li Moying’s eyebrows puckered up but he didn’t wake up, only subconsciously shaking his head.

“Just like a pig…”

Huang Yueli didn’t managed to wake him but and realised that she was acting senseless so she withdrew her hand.

The room was very quiet, only with the light breathing sound coming from the man lying beside her, ranging rhythmically, like a lullaby.

Huang Yueli unknowingly also fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Huang Yueli suddenly woke up with a start as she rubbed her tummy, she realized that she seemed to have drank too much water last night and was woken by the urge to pass urine.

She wanted badly to relieve herself but Li Moying was lying on the outside side of the bed and if she wanted to get out, it was very inconvenient.

Huang Yueli bit her lips as she hesitated but as she couldn’t control her urge, she could only climb softly and quietly over.

As she was climbing past Li Moying’s body, she leaned halfway over and using her elbow to support her body, one leg first surmounted over Li Moying’s body.

Just as she was about to move her other leg over, Li Moying seemed to be alerted by her huge movements as he let out a light “en” sigh and his arms also moved. Just nice, it swept across Huang Yueli’s waist.

His build was lofty whereas Huang Yueli was maintaining a position like a little puppy leaning on the bed without using much strength. His arm pressed against her waist as she fell forward entirely, falling flat onto Li Moying’s chest.


Huang Yueli’s long and delicate nose banged onto the man’s stiff chest and immediately felt a painful sensation, her tears almost flowing out.

She blinked her eyes and managed to suppress the painful feeling with great difficulty but then she realised that her position was very embarrassing. She was actually leaning entirely onto Li Moying’s body and both her legs were straddled on the two sides of Li Moying’s body, riding just on top of his waist and the two mounds on her chest was pressing onto Li Moying’s chest.

Not only that, Li Moyings arm was placed onto her little butt.

This position….. simply made the two of them stuck together in all angles.

Huang Yueli’s brain “buzzed” as she felt that her head was fuming with smoke!