Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Nightmare 1

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For that one moment, Huang Yueli had thought that Li Moying was definitely woken up by her and he was up to mischief to make her fall onto his body in an attempt to take advantage of her.

But when she raised her head to take a look, she discovered that Li Moying was still in deep sleep and the rhythm in his breathing didn’t have much changes. Besides that, perhaps he felt a heavy thing pressing against his chest making him uncomfortable so he frowned slightly.

His neat brows creased together and that expression seemed to hint a sense of grievance.

This made Huang Yueli felt a sense of guilt for disturbing him in his dreams.

Leaning down like that would really made Li Moying wake up!

If he really awoke at this moment and happened to see her leaning on his body in such an awkward position, Huang Yueli didn’t even need to think before knowing how he would respond.

That man would definitely gave an antipathic look while ridiculing her: I already knew you were lusting after me and you refused to admit it! Look at this, I’d just fallen asleep and you already couldn’t control your urge. Not only just laying your paws on me, your entire body is pressing on me. Are you preparing to use force?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli started to become anxious.

No way, she absolutely could not allow Li Moying to grab hold of this handle against her!

Moreover, she really couldn’t control it any longer…..

Huang Yueli could only force herself once again, using her palms to support against the big bed to lift her body up, at least she didn’t want to stick to Li Moying like that.

However, just as she just got up, the arm resting on her butt suddenly used force and pressed her down again.

Huang Yueli fell once again onto the man’s chest, as she always swore vulgarities!

This…. Li Moying really was pretending to sleep!!

She stretched out her hand to pinch Li Moying’s face, furiously ranting, “Still pretending to sleep! Wake up and let me go down!”

“…..” Silence.

In reply was Li Moying’s peaceful breathing.

“….. really didn’t wake up??” Huang Yueli opened her eyes wide as she looked left and right at this man, sensing that he really didn’t seem like he was awake.

She grew even more melancholic, “Already sleeping and still cannot forget to take advantage of others, what kind of man are you!!”

Since Li Moying didn’t wake up, she swallowed back the words of criticism that she had prepared. It would be better if she could slip away…..

She supported her body up once again in an attempt to nudge away but in the end…. she was pushed down again!

Huang Yueli was so angry that she wanted to bang the wall but very quickly, she discovered that something far from good was happening…..

The several times when she got up and was pushed down again led their bodies to rub against one another and a certain part of Li Moying uncontrollably had some reaction.

Huang Yueli felt a scorching heat jabbing against her tummy and her face flushed bright red and after a while, turning pale white.

“You’re really a beast!” She felt like weeping but had no tears…..

Luckily it was only a subconscious reaction from Li Moying’s body and he himself had not awoken.

Huang Yueli knew that she could not do it forcefully again otherwise if she really woke Li Moying up, based on the current position and Li Moying’s condition…. She had a bad sense of foreboding!

She thought for a moment as her hand stretched to her back and started to pry open Li Moying’s fingers. She first needed to move this big hands out of her way, otherwise…. it would end up in tragedy every single time…..

As she was in this doggie position, she was totally reliant on her arm strength to support her body. As her hand moved to her back, it was unavoidable as she totally sprawled against Li Moying’s body.