Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Nightmare 2

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Besides that, she was using all her strength to wrestle at his arm while rubbing against his body continuously.

Huang Yueli could clearly felt that underneath that man’s body, his body had an obvious raise in temperature.

Li Moying who was in deep sleep frowned tightly and his breathing became faster, as though he was about to wake up…..

Huang Yueli grew anxious and suddenly using strength, she managed to shake off Li Moying’s arm towards the side!

“Wu——!” Li Moying discontentedly rubbed his head against the pillow as his eyelids started to have some movements.

Huang Yueli flipped over and got off the bed, while turning around anxiously to look at his expression.

Luckily, Li Moying was in deep sleep today and he didn’t even wake up despite the commotion.

She hurriedly turned around and ran out of the room, not even bothering to put on her shoes!

Huang Yueli ran to the next room to settle nature’s call and as she was on her way back, she met with trouble again.

Earlier when she got out, it was with great difficulty that she managed to straddle over Li Moying’s body. If she were to go back to sleep now, didn’t it meant that she would need to straddle over his body once more?

Her lips twitched as her heart was filled with melancholy!

Seriously, it was a troublesome thing to have a man in the room! If she knew about this earlier, she would never had agreed to Li Moying’s request! She decided that early tomorrow morning, she would tell this fellow that she regretted her decision and not allow him to continue staying here! If he dared to enter casually again, she would prepare a huge pile of mechanisms in the bedroom and bury him alive!

Huang Yueli secretly clenched her fists, thinking that her idea was just too great.

But before she could enter the room, from afar, she heard a crisp “Pong” sound coming from the room!

Huang Yueli went into a blank and hurriedly ran back into the bedroom.

Upon entering the room, an intermittent moaning was heard from the bed.

“Wu… hum….”

Huang Yueli quickly snapped her fingers and all the oil lamps in the room lit up at the same time.

On the big bed, Li Moying’s forehead creased tightly and his face was pale bearing a painful expression. His forehead was drenched with sweat as he kept tossing around in bed but eventually didn’t opened his eyes.

By the bedside counter was a porcelain vase which had already dropped onto the ground and turned into smithereens. Probably it was swept onto the ground when Li Moying unconsciously tossed around in bed.

Huang Yueli ran to the bedside and saw his face flushed red as her heart was filled with terror.

How did it become like this? When she left earlier, this man was still sleeping like a pig and no matter how she squandered around, he had no reaction at all. But now she had just left for a less than a quarter of an hour, so why did he…

Huang Yueli placed her hand on his face as she patted gently.

“Li Moying, wake up! What happened to you??”

However, not only did Li Moying not wake up, he also cast her hand aside as he mumbled unclearly, “NO——- Don’t, it’s dangerous! Don’t go over!”

“Don’t go over?” Huang Yueli blinked, “Li Moying, you’re having a nightmare! Don’t be scared, wake up and you’d be fine!”

She stretched her man onto Li Moying’s chest and massaged him to appease him, hoping to calm him down but his chest was still agitatedly moving up and down, as though he was tangled by the deepest and most horrifying nightmare, unable to disengage himself.

Huang Yueli was indecisive, not knowing whether she should made him wake up.

She heard that if one were to forcefully wake someone with Soul Detachment Illness when their symptoms acted up, it would cause a second damage to their soul and might deepen their illness.

But if she didn’t wake him up, looking at Li Moying in this manner made Huang Yueli’s heart ached badly…