Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Nightmare 3

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What exactly was he dreaming about? What would have made such a strong man became so terrified, so weak? Had he dreamt about his past when he was young?


Li Moying’s moaning started again and seemed even more agitated than before as his hands unconsciously stretched outwards, waving about in mid-air as though he was trying to grab hold of something but no matter how he tried, he wasn’t able to…..

Huang Yueli grabbed his hands and spent quite an amount of strength to hold him down.

“Calm down a little, what did you dream about? Alright, alright, no matter what had happened, it’s all in the past…”

Sensing her presence nearby, Li Moying seemed to calm down a little but he had just quieted down for a quarter of an hour when he suddenly started to shout out loud again.

“Don’t go over, come back! You don’t believe that I can protect you? Little fox, come back right now!”

Little fox? Who was he calling?

Hearing this nickname, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but went into a daze.

Because this nickname was all too familiar to her and had drawn back a portion of her memories from her previous life. In the past, Mu Chengying used to love calling her this and she had always felt that this nickname seemed to be calling a pet and had on several times forcefully protested against this but unfortunately that man was just too used to be overbearing and he totally ignored her protests. After some time, she had gotten used to it.

But now hearing this nickname seemed as if it was a lifetime ago…..

Huang Yueli was distracted for a while when she suddenly felt a tight grip on her wrist and immediately lost balance and fell once again onto Li Moying.

“You…. let me go!” Huang Yueli’s wrist was held on tightly by him and she didn’t manage to pull it back no matter how she tried.

Not only did Li Moying not listen, he even flipped around and pressed her below him.

“Not letting go…. If I do, you’d run away and I’d never get a chance to hold on to you…..”

“What….. wu——-!”

Huang Yueli had yet to say out the things she wanted when Li Moying had already shut her lips up.

A familiar scorching kiss instantly took her breath away…..

Li Moying’s kiss was deep and avid as it continuously explored and searched for her sweet fragrance.

Huang Yueli subconsciously struggled for a while but very quickly she became aware of something and started to relax.

After Li Moying had enough of kissing, the grip on her wrist loosened as his body fell sideways towards the left side and leaned sideways onto the pillow, not moving a single bit.

Huang Yueli put her finger below his nose to check if he was breathing and discovered that he had indeed went into a lethargic sleep once again, just like the previous times when he had kissed her after his Soul Detachment Illness had acted up.

What kind of situation was this? She couldn’t understand no matter how much she thought.

But at least she knew one thing, which was when Li Moying said he could sleep well beside her, it seemed to be true…..

She had just left for a while and he actually had a nightmare!

If he usually slept alone and he was often tormented by nightmares, then he was too pitiful….

Huang Yueli’s heart softened. Forget it, since he still seemed trustworthy tonight, if he could continue to maintain this condition then she would split her bed into half for him, to do a good deed every day…..


The next morning when Li Moying woke up, he seemed to have forgotten what had happened last night.

He felt refreshed and was in high spirits. Right after he teased Huang Yueli for quite a bit, he left early in the morning.

Huang Yueli also stepped out as this was the official first day of lessons after the new students enrolment.

Even though these classes was of no use to her, but after all it was the first day so she still had to go and show face.

She was considered late as the classroom was already filled with the batch of new students.