Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Privileged Class 1

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Besides the one hundred students who were enrolled along with her during the entrance examinations, there were also specially enrolled students from other regions and exchange students from other academies, filling the big classroom to its maximum capacity.

Everyone excitedly whispered to one another’s ear.

But just at the moment when Huang Yueli walked in, the entire classroom turned silent.

As the saying went: One’s reputation was like the shadow of a tree. Huang Yueli’s reputation now was like the sun at midday, and in the entire Celestial Light Academy, she was a widely known legendary character.

At present, everyone’s sights fell onto her and the minute she appeared, everyone was in awe of her presence.

Huang Yueli gazed fixedly at the moment she found a seat at one corner of the classroom and walked in.

It was until she had sat properly as the classroom’s silence was broken and bustled with noise and excitement once again.

The position which Huang Yueli sat at allowed her to sense that many casted various kinds of gazes and amidst them, she could also heard some others discussing about her.

She frowned slightly as she felt slightly disturbed.

But luckily, it was soon time for class and after the academy’s teacher had reached, the classroom quietened down.

The curriculum was exactly as boring as she had imagined and after Huang Yueli patiently sat through one lecture, she was preparing to slip away.

Whoever knew that just as she was leaving, someone from the side suddenly called her name.

“Bai Ruoli! You are Bai Ruoli right?”

Huang Yueli raised her head and saw a seventeen or eighteen year old young lady standing right in front of her and this female student had a third grade badge pinned onto her chest area, as she arrogantly looked downwards at her.

“You are…..” Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly.

The female student said, “Three days later, Young Master Yuan will be hosting a banquet to celebrate the start of a new term. You are lucky to have received an invitation. Take it!”

She threw out an invitation onto the table in front of Huang Yueli.

“Your luck’s not bad! A new student from a small country actually received an invitation from Young Master Yuan after joining the school, humpf! But don’t be too full of yourself. It’s just because you have some innate talent but you’re only at third stage realm and there are people who are much better than you in the academy. At the banquet, there are also other large families who have many experts who had already graduated so my advice to you is to tuck your tail between your legs and behave properly!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows as she took a look at that piece of paper on the table, but didn’t put out her hand to receive it.

“I’m sorry, this…. lady. You’re indeed rather arrogant and your eyes are grown on top of your eyebrows but unfortunately…. I don’t even know who you are?”

“You…. what’s the meaning of this?? You don’t know who I am??” The female student bore an expression of humiliation, “You don’t even know who I am?”

“Just as what the words mean. Hasn’t your mother ever taught you that when you’re speaking to others, you should always introduce yourself first?”

The female student’s face turned redder. She had always been rather famous in Celestial Light Academy and whenever other people saw her, they all became a yes-man, including those heirs from large families. In the end, this country bumpkin from a small country actually didn’t recognise her? And she even used a tone of disdain to talk to her!

She clenched her teeth angrily, “You’re looking for death, how dare you speak to me like this!”

She struck out a slap but before she could even landed it onto Huang Yueli’s face, she saw her icy cold smile.

The female student quivered and suddenly recalled that this new top student was not like the ordinary students who she always bullied. She was someone with outstanding innate talent and a genuine top ten Martial Arts Stage practitioner! In terms of ability, she wasn’t her match at all!