Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 885

Chapter 885 You Can Scram Now 1

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Huang Yueli laughingly shook her head when she heard that.

It was unimaginable that a small place like Celestial Light Academy had such complicated interpersonal relationships.

It was just a so called Martial Arts Stage number one ranking person. So if she had offended him, then so be it. What was there to be afraid of?

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Senior Sister Song, thank you for your kind intentions. I understand now. I still have something on so I’ll make a move first.”

“Ai, Junior Sister Bai, wait…” Song Yaru realised that she didn’t bother putting this matter into her heart and became very anxious as she wanted to chase up to her but she wasn’t able to and could only sigh while shaking her head, “Hai, this Junior Sister Bai, she’s even haughtier than me! For practitioners to have a drive within is good for cultivation but it is easily broken if it’s too rigid. She’s just too arrogant and if she really offended someone who she cannot afford to offend, then her future will be ruined!”

Huang Yueli however didn’t register this matter into her head.

Honestly speaking, she didn’t have the intention to look down on anyone and if the members of the Honorary Association sincerely wanted to befriend her and politely invited her to attend the banquet, she wouldn’t even put on airs and refused to attend.

However Lu Ziyi’s attitude earlier showed everything. These so called Honorary members despised her from the deepest depths of their heart so if she really went, she would become the object of taunting.

Although her ability was there for everyone to see and could instantly slap their faces to teach them a lesson, but what’s the point? She had no intention of putting up a monkey show for others to see!

However, it was as though heavens wanted to go against her as well. Just as Huang Yueli was leaving the first graders classroom, she collided head-on with Li Xue’er who was dressed in a long green dress.

The ordinary members in the academy normally wore the school uniform and only those who held special statuses in the academy could wear other cloths.

Li Xue’er;s flowy long dress was especially attention seeking among the crowd so it was difficult for Huang Yueli to not notice her.

Li Xue’er proceeded over directly and blocked her way, “Junior Sister Bai, today’s classes have yet to finish, why are you leaving already? And where are you going to?”

Huang Yueli replied coldly, “What’s it gotta do with you?”

Li Xue’er replied, “What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? I’ve heard that you offended Senior Sister Lu from the Honorary Association under everyone’s eyes and even hit her! On account that we are all from South Yue Kingdom, I specially came to remind you so that you don’t offend someone unknowingly! From the looks of it now, you seem to already know that you’ve met with some big trouble and preparing to seek refuge?”

Li Xue’er bore a gloating smile displaying an extremely pleasant mood.

In reality, she almost wanted to burst out laughing!

She had suffered so many setbacks from Huang Yueli and was still frustrated that she had no way of exacting revenge on her but who knew that Huang Yueli actually dared to put on airs in front of Li Ziyi! This time round, it saved her a lot of trouble. Whoever offended the members of the Honorary Association would normally be in great trouble, wasn’t it? She just needed to sit one side and wait for Huang Yueli’s bad luck would do!

Huang Yueli cast a glance at her as she laughed grimly, “Seek refuge? I only feel that the curriculum was too boring and am preparing to go and cultivate on my own! Please step aside and stop wasting my precious time on cultivation!”

Li Xue’er sneered, “Tch, what act are you trying to put on? Don’t I already know? I’ll tell you think, after Lu Ziyi left your classroom she was so angry that she broke a number of cups and even swore to everyone that the two of you cannot exist together!”

Even after Huang Yueli heard what she said, there was no change in her expression at all. She felt too lazy to talk any further with Li Xue’er and tried to bypass her directly.