Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 886

Chapter 886 You Can Scram Now 2

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However, Li Xue’er still refused to budge and continued blocking her way.

“Why aren’t you talking? Are you afraid? Of course, you’re just a newcomer and have no base in Celestial Light Academy at all. There’s also no one to be your backing so even if your innate talent is slightly better, but after you’ve offended Li Ziyi, our Senior Sister, your future… is hard to tell! Perhaps you might even get into trouble immediately!”

Huang Yueli swept her an icy glance, “Whether I’ll get into trouble or not, that’s hard to say. But if you don’t scram now, I can guarantee that you will get into big trouble immediately!”

“You…..” Li Xue’er sneered, “What can you do to me? Let me tell you this. The reason why the Honorary Association had sent an invitation to a country bumpkin like you is because they’re giving me face. Young Master Yuan had personally invited me to be his partner in the banquet! If you dare to even touch a single strand of my hair, you’re finished!”

“Young Master Yuan’s partner….” Huang Yueli stared at her seemingly in deep thought.

Li Xue’er saw her hesitation and mistaken that she was afraid as she puffed out her chest in delight.

“That’s right! I’m the Armament Apprentice with the most innate talent which had not appeared for the last few decades and even Young Master Yuan sees me in different light! Not someone with your mere quality could compare with!”

Huang Yueli shook her head bearing an expression of sympathy, “Sigh, when we were in South Yue Kingdom, I had thought that although Seventh Princess’s innate talent wasn’t that high, but at least she knew what the sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honour were. But I could never have imagined that once we reached Sky Cloud City, you don’t even want your reputation.”

“Bai Ruoli, what do you mean??” Li Xue’er’s expression changed immediately.

Huang Yueli laughed as she replied, “Just as what the words meant. You said it yourself that you’re hugging Young Master Yuan’s thigh to become his partner. Tsk tsk, in uglier terms, this is also known as illicit sexual relationship. To think that you’re so delighted over this, do you even have a sense of shame? Moreover, do you really feel that Young Master Yuan would give up on marrying so many other ladies from the large families in Sky Cloud City and marry you instead?”

Li Xue’er’s face turned ugly immediately because what Huang Yueli mentioned was exactly the thing which she worried about the most!

In the past, those young masters from large families all lowered themselves to serve her.

But Yuan Zeyu was different. With his status and ability, many ladies from Sky Cloud City wanted to get married to him and Li Xue’er was just not enough. So this round, she was proactive and although Yuan Zeyu was now interested in her, but Li Xue’er was constantly worried that she would be ditched anytime!

But she would never reveal these in front of Huang Yueli.

“Hmph, Young Master Yuan is very good to me and you’re just jealous of me! That can’t be helped. Ever since you’ve come to Sky Cloud City, that second brother of mine had never appeared once. Could it be that he found you too troublesome and already prepared to ditch you? Now there’s no man to protect you! But even if he came, it’s useless. Just that little capability of him, he could only show off his might in South Yue Kingdom. If he comes to Sky Cloud City, it’s not even worth mentioning!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows in surprise, not expecting Li Xue’er to say that of Li Moying.

But she reversed her thoughts and immediately understood what had happened.

When Li Xue’er had returned to South Yue Kingdom, Li Moying had already went back to his Sect and she had never seen him strike at all. So in her impression, this second brother of hers was still that weak as when he was young. Even if Imperial Tutor had told her how powerful Li Moying was, but without witnessing it first hand, she felt that he had exaggerated too much.