Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 887

Chapter 887 You Can Scram Now 3

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Coupled with the fact that Li Xue’er had met many powerful and capable geniuses, so she thought her expectations were already very high so naturally she felt whatever other people said were not the truth.

If Li Xue’er were to find out that the “useless” second brother that she spoke about could send ten Young Master Yuans flying with just one slap, Huang Yueli wondered what kind of expression would she display?

Huang Yueli laughed icily, “When I meet your second brother, I will convey what you said to him. Now…. you can scram!”

“Bai Ruoli! Didn’t you hear what I said earlier?”

Li Xue’er had not expected that even after using Young Master Yuan’s name, Huang Yueli still treated her with disdain.

Young Master Yuan’s might was well known throughout Celestial Light Academy so how could Huang Yueli not be afraid of him??

However, Huang Yueli had already lost her patience and with a flick of her right hand, a stream of Profound Energy struck!

Li Xue’er’s cultivation was very far apart from hers and as she didn’t have any way to resist, she was sent flying with just one move, crashing heavily onto a tall tree’s branch.

She vomited out a mouthful of blood as she stared daggers at Huang Yueli, wanting to let loose a torrent of abuse but as she had sustained a serious injury the blood around her chest area was raging which rendered her unspeakable so she could only use her gaze to expressed her hatred.

Huang Yueli casted her one look and started walking away.

Li Xue’er was so infuriated that she immediately vomited another mouthful of blood!

That gaze which Huang Yueli gave before she left was just too insulting! She totally couldn’t be bothered about her!

Li Xue’er gritted her teeth and abused her silently, “Just continue to be gleeful! You won’t be so for too long! I will definitely teach you a lesson!”


That evening just as the sun had just set, Li Moying appeared in Huang Yueli’s room.

He had set his intentions to not only freeload on sleeping, he would also freeload on eating.

No one was clearer than him on how good his little fox’s culinary skills were.

So the minute the whiff of food came spreading from next door, Li Moying immediately showed himself.

Huang Yueli was tired out for the entire day and had been hungry for the whole day. She had finally roasted a chicken and intended to hide somewhere to have a feast. But whoever knew that Little Phoenix first stole one drumstick, followed by Li Moying suddenly appearing to steal the other one away.

Her face turned black and protected the remaining two chicken wings with all her might.

“Why don’t the two of you just die off somewhere else! You don’t cook, don’t work and still want to steal my food, NO WAY!!”

The two of them immediately defended themselves.

Li Moying tried to laugh it off, “Little thing, don’t be so stingy! Who says I’m not working? I can help you to wash the plates!”

Little Phoenix looked at its plump little claws which could not even grab hold of the plate properly and could only say, “I…. I can act cute and also help you to stand guard!”

Huang Yueli’s head was filled with black lines ( -_-|| ), “Act cute and stand guard, do you think you’re a dog?? Moreover, you can’t even stand guard properly, letting ill intention people enter every single time!!”

The ill intention person bore an innocent expression, “Don’t talk rubbish. I feel that Wang Cai is rather intelligent, he knows when to let the owner into the house!”

“Owner…. Keep wishing! Go and wash the plates now!”

Huang Yueli threw an oily plate towards Li Moying’s head but was caught by him with all smiles.

After finishing up the roasted chicken, Li Moying really went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Huang Yueli couldn’t totally believed that this valued Young Sect Master would do so, and thought he probably had never washed any dishes before right?