Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 888

Chapter 888 You Can Scram Now 4

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He was really willing to do so? And did he even know how to? Surely he wouldn’t break all the porcelain dishes that she had carefully refined right!

Huang Yueli worriedly followed into the kitchen but what she saw made her surprised.

A well built man folded up his sleeves, revealing a firm and strong arm, his delicately beautiful fingers were holding on to the white porcelain dishes, washing them diligently and very soon, it appeared as good as new.

“You actually know how to wash dishes!” Huagn Yueli exclaimed in shock.

“Why not? When I was young, the Empress made my use icy cold water to wash the dishes every day and if I broke one, I would not have any food to eat for the entire day.” Li Moying said casually.

Huang Yueli turned speechless immediately and at the same time, started to feel heartache for him. He was a prince but was bullied to this extent….. Li Moying was really pitiful when he was young.

She bit her lips not knowing how to answer but Li Moying indifferently laughed, “How is it? Have I washed it cleanly? Will you still doubt that I don’t know how to work? In future I will help you wash the dishes daily and you will allow me to come over to freeload on food. How about that?”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, “Fat hope. Today my mood is rather good so I cooked. Do you think I’m a chef! I’m here to cultivate!”

She changed the topic immediately, “Oh right, when I was in the academy today, I met Li Xue’er again.” She told Li Moying what happened this afternoon.

Huang Yueli had intended to treat it as a joke but who knew that after Li Moying heard that, his expression sunk.

“Her guts have gotten rather big, did you think she just because she’s my sister, I won’t do anything to her? And what the hell is this Honorary Association? Dare to give you trouble, do you want me to go give them a warning?”

Huang Yueli shook her head and smiled, “That’s just a few clowns, what can they do to me? If they really dared to make trouble for me, I’ll turn them all into pig heads!”

Seeing this little thing full of confidence, Li Moying didn’t say anything much but had silently recorded this matter down in his heart.


From then onwards, Huang Yueli would go find a place to cultivate during day time and come back in the evening to cook.

Li Moying appeared and disappeared unpredictably and didn’t really show up every night. Huang Yueli knew that with this man’s status and ability, he would have a lot of things to handle and didn’t minded that much.

But once Li Moying appeared, he would obediently wash the dishes after dinner and both of them would cultivate together, followed by sleeping together on the same bed. They lived in harmony and Li Moying slept deeply when he laid beside her as the nightmare situation did not appear anymore and this made Huang Yueli gradually rest assured.

However, Huang Yueli quickly discovered that she had new troubles.

Ever since the day she rejected attending the Honorary Association banquet, she met with various problems in the academy.

For example, every time she went to rent a closed door cultivation room, the reply was always, “All the rooms are fully booked. Miss Bai, please come back tomorrow!”

However, the closed door cultivation rooms area always fully booked whenever she went back on the next day.

Huang Yueli immediately realised that someone was setting themselves against her on purpose!

The room she wanted to rent was the best closed door cultivation room at the peak of the mountain and cost twenty star currency per day. There were not many who could afford to rent this kind of room and usually eighty percent of the rooms were empty, so how could it be full now?

Not only that, whenever she went to exchange for medicinal herbs or ingredients, she would also meet with various obstructions.