Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Cannot Retreat Cannot Tolerate Any Further 1

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As she was the top ten core students in the Martial Arts Stage, the managing teacher could not downplay her face.

Instead they would find all sorts of excuses to delay and not help her do the exchange.

With such things happening more often, this made Huang Yueli gradually bore a tummy full of anger.

It was until the third day morning when Huang Yueli was about to leave her courtyard when she heard a low moaning groan in pain from the corner.

Huang Yueli turned around and her brows immediately creased together.

Lying beside the courtyard was Su Qingyue! Her face was willed with blood and pale white as paper, inclining sideways on the road.

“Sister Su, what happened to you?”

Huang Yueli quickly walked over and tried to hold her up but even though she used her might to pull her, she wasn’t able to lift her up.

After carefully examining, she realised that not only was Su Qingyue beaten up, her meridians were also sealed and she was totally inmobile and bundled up like a dumpling, thrown in front of her door.

“What on earth happened?!” Huang Yueli released the rope and took out a bottle of treatment pills, feeding her a few at a time.

Now that the Sky Phoenix Ring’s pills were all fourth grade and above, once the pills was taken, the effect was almost immediate and Su Qingyue felt that her internal injuries had recovered by fifty percent.

“This medication…..” her eyes revealed a sense of shock.

Huang Yueli replied, “Don’t bother about these medication! What on earth happened to you? Why were you beaten up like this?”

Su Qingyue looked at her but hesitated, not knowing whether to speak or not, “This… actually I’m not too sure what happened as well. Today I was on my way to class but someone gunny sacked me from behind and gave me a beating…..”

“It’s aimed at me?” Huagn Yueli asked and upon seeing Su Qingyue’s delay, she asked again, “They are members from the Honorary Association?”

Su Qingyue saw that she had guessed correctly and nodded, replying, “Should be. I heard what they said…..”

“They’re simply atrocious!”

No matter how calm Huang Yueli was usually, this time round she was really pissed off!

These so called Honorary members acted like playing house like kids so she had not bothered to get even with these shitty kids so that she doesn’t lower her own identity. But that didn’t mean that she was afraid of them!

Who had expected these people to be unsatisfied with small gains. Not only did they created trouble for her, they even bullied her friend!

Huang Yueli stood up bearing a cold expression, “Sister Su, your condition is not good so go back and rest up. I have a few more bottles of medication which can treat both internal and external injuries. As long as you eat it on time, within two days, your injuries would heal completely.”

She threw a few porcelain bottles to Su Qingyue and turned around to leave.

Su Qingyue hurried called out, “Sister Li, don’t go! Where are you going?”

Huang Yueli’s footsteps halted as an icy cold voice was heard, “I suddenly remembered that so called opening celebratory banquet seemed to be today. Since the Honorary Association wanted me to attend the banquet so badly and had come out with so many ways to invite me, then if I don’t attend it, won’t that be too rude?”

Su Qingyue was so scared that she sweated profusely, “This…. Sister Li, don’t be rash….. I know your capability is very strong but the president of the Honorary Association is Young Master Yuan! His might is unpredictable and rumoured to be Celestial Light Academy’s number one genius in the past thirty years! Moreover, not only do they have might, they also have power! Just bear with this, otherwise if the matter spreads, then there’s no way to conclude this!”