Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Cannot Retreat Cannot Tolerate Any Further 2

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Huang Yueli frowned slightly, “According to what you mean, you should be beaten up for nothing?”

Su Qingyue thought that she had been convinced and hurriedly added on, “This little bit of injury is nothing. Who doesn’t get hurt in their pathway of cultivation! Moreover, this is not the first time I’ve been bullied. For practitioners who come from small countries like us, being bullied is a common thing. We must consider our own future and tolerating this small thing is the best way to go!”

Huang Yueli glanced sideways at her, “Sister Su, do you know why you have never been able to advance ever since you entered Celestial Light Academy?”

“Because….. I don’t get enough resources…..”

“Wrong. It’s because you’ve been beaten until you’ve lost the drive that a practitioner should have!” Huang Yueli turned her head and with a piercing stare, she spoke word for word, “In the art of cultivation, you should charge forward. You can only advance and not retreat, and more still, you should not tolerate! No need to persuade me further, I’ll be back soon.”

Hearing what Huang Yueli said, Su Qingyue chest seemed to be pounded by a huge hammer!

No wonder she could not catch up to Huang Yueli. It’s not just about innate talent, but just based on her imposing manner, she was far inferior than her!

By the time she regained her senses, Huang Yueli had already vanished.

Su Qingyue clenched her hand into a fist with shades of worry, “Sister Li, you…. you must come back safely!”


Huang Yueli quickly left Celestial Light Academy and arrived at the destination where the banquet was held – Sky Cloud City’s largest family – Yuan family’s residence.

These few days, news regarding the Honorary Association holding the banquet had been circulating around the academy.

Except for Huang Yueli, the rest of those who had received an invitation to the banquet were discussing enthusiastically about it. To be deemed as the highest honour, some even said that if they were able to attend just one banquet held by the Honorary Association then they would have no more regrets in coming to Celestial Light Academy.

So even if Huang Yueli hadn’t looked at the invitation, she could still easily find the location of the banquet.

Yuan residence took up a large piece of land and had occupied the entire Sky Cloud City’s southwest region. Just from the exterior, it looked luxurious and stylish.

Today, the Yuan residence was filled with visitors. Each of the lavish carriages which had stopped at the entrance hung the symbol of a large family in Sky Cloud City, each of the visitor’s identity looked extraordinary.

Huang Yueli walked to the entrance but was held back by the guards.

“This…. Miss, you are…..?”

Those visitors who were attending the banquet were splendidly dressed, especially the young ladies. In an attempt to catch the attention of those powerful and well-esteemed young masters, they were all gorgeously dressed up, worried that they would be outshone by others.

In comparison, Huang Yueli was casually dressed and looked especially out of place.

Huang Yueli spoke in an icy voice, “I’m here to attend the banquet, isn’t this Celestial Light Academy’s Honorary Association’s banquet?”

The guards exchanged glances as they spoke, “Miss, please show us your invitation card.”

Huang Yueli replied, “I didn’t bring the invitation card.”

When Li Ziyi passed her that invitation, she didn’t bother to receive it at all and just left it in the classroom.

The guards expressed a look of disdain as they spoke, “Then we’re so sorry, we cannot let you in. Miss, please go back!”

In fact, they had long noticed that Huang Yueli didn’t arrive in any luxurious carriage and had long guessed that she wasn’t the daughter of any large families.

At this moment, seeing that she could not produce the invitation card, they more or less confirmed their guess was right – This was a woman who wanted to sneak into the banquet hall to hook up with some rich guys!