Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Cannot Retreat Cannot Tolerate Any Further 3

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Huang Yueli’s gaze turned cold, “I’m Bai Ruoli, Celestial Light Academy first year student. The Honorary Association had sent me an invite a few days ago so you can check the guest list to verify.”

However, the guards had long determined that she was a woman with ill intentions and without any intention to check the guest list, they jeered at her laughing loudly.

“Do you think we’re silly? To tell you the truth, there are ten over of those ladies who tried to smuggled in saying they have an invitation card! This pack of lies are no longer fresh anymore!”

“I say, this lady, you’re not bad looking and moreover you’re a student of Celestial Light Academy, so why can’t you cultivate properly? Must you join in the rat race and play up to people of power and influence? You don’t look like any of the ladies of those large families in Sky Cloud City so even if you enter the banquet premise, no one would bother to take a look at you. Just leave now!”

“That’s right! Don’t block the way! There are many other guests who are waiting to enter!”

Huang Yueli looked at them coldly, “What if I insist on entering?”

“Ha ha ha ha….” The guards all roared with laughter.

The one leading the team unrestrainedly ridiculed her, “What kind of place do you think the Yuan residence is? You think you can enter just because you want to? Just ordinary guards like us are already fourth stage realm practitioners, whereas you’re just third stage realm? Do you think you’re Young Master Yuan, able to defeat fourth stage realm…”

But before he could complete his sentence, he felt a pain on his chest!

Following that, his body uncontrollably flew outwards!

Before he could even react to what had happened, he heard the surrounding shouting out in shock, “Captain! You…..”

A loud “clatter” boomed and the captain of the guards had crashed onto Yuan residence’s main door. The signboard hanging above the main door violently shook for a moment.

The captain held on to his chest, unbelievably looking at the young lady in front of him.

Until now… he couldn’t understand how on earth was he sent flying away!

He was a genuine fourth stage realm fifth level practitioner and moreover his backing was the influential Yuan residence so the cultivation method and Profound Skills which he cultivated with are not ordinary skills. His actual ability had already exceeded normal same levelled practitioners!

The young lady in front of him looked soft and delicate, and her age was still so young…. but could sent him flying??

Before the captain’s shock had ended, following that the signboard on the Yuan residence’s main door shook once again and in the end, it slanted at a crooked angle.

Those surrounding people all drew a cold breath when they saw this scenario!

“Heavens….. there’s actually someone so daring, to actually beat up Yuan residence’s guards at the main door? Had she eaten leopard’s guts or bear’s heart?”

“Not only did she beat them up, she even made the signboard at Yuan residence’s main door crooked! This is a pure slap on the face! Who is this little lass? Her guts are really too much!”

“Not only does she have great guts, her potential is really not ordinary as well! What backing does she have?”

The surrounding crowd were astounded whereas the guards were even more terrified!

The Yuan residence had employed them to guard the place and in the end, even the signboard had turned crooked. If this matter was pursued, they would get into big trouble!

The only way now was to take down this little lass who dared to create trouble for them! Only this could redeem their sins!

However, although they all thought this way, the few guards did not dare to do it.

Looking at this slender young lady, with one move, she had easily defeated the most abled captain in their team!

Seeing this, no matter how silly they were before, they came to understand that the young lady in front of them was an unfathomable expert!