Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Cannot Retreat Cannot Tolerate Any Further4

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Earlier they had eyes but couldn’t see and had thought her to be some gold digger it was no wonder that she taught them a heavy lesson!

The few of them were crying out in silence while wondering what was the background of this young lady? What kind of large family would nurture such a genius! The worst of all was that she had dressed so casually and even came attending the banquet on foot so wasn’t she intending to fool them on purpose?

This round, how should they react?

The Captain clutched his chest while lying on the ground as he looked at his subordinates who were too cowardly to advance as a fit of anger arose as he furiously retorted, “Why are you still standing there for? Quickly take her down! Our Yuan residence’s signboard had been smashed crooked so we cannot let matters rest like that!”

The few of them received his order and forced themselves to move forward.

Huang Yueli sniggered chillingly, “What? You still dare to obstruct my way?”


To tell the truth, just recalling how this young lady had sent their Captain flying in just one move, and that glaring and attention catching fire attributed Profound Energy, it made them all shudder.

Captain saw their hesitation and grew angrier, “Why are you all in a daze? All of you go together! She’s alone while all of your cultivations are much higher than hers. If you strike together, don’t tell me you’re afraid you cannot handle her at all??”

The few of them then realised and after exchanging glances, they struck out all at the same time towards Huang Yueli.

All the guards from large families like Yuan residence had been through special training and there was a tacit understanding among them so when the few of them struck together, their potential exceeded much higher than a single person’s potential!

The few guards lined up into a formation and exhibited their Profound Skills together as an intense energy instantly exploded in the sky!

“Quick! Hide, danger!”

“They’re really worthy of being Yuan family’s guards, how is that third stage realm lass going to go against such a strong combi attack!”

“That’s it, I can’t bear to look!”

The bystanders cried out waves of terror, even those who were standing far away were stunned by this kind of bravura and those whose cultivation were slightly worse off started to back off.

Huang Yueli however remained indifferent as the corners of her lips curled upwards.

Strong Profound Energy whirled in front of her and just one move and the guards felt giddy for a second and had lost sight of her whereabouts.

But following that was a huge wave of energy coming from their backs and all of them stumbled and fell!

It was because Huang Yueli had used her footwork and easily evaded their attacks while she detoured to their backs.

The guards felt that their combined attacks would definitely hit her and had never considered the fact that she had moved to their backs so they did not put up any defence at all.

Huang Yueli did not stand on ceremony as she sent out flying kicks onto their butts.

“Bam! bam! bam! bam! bam! bam!”

After six resounding bams were heard, the six guards without any exception laid flat on their noses neatly in one line. Moreover on each of their butts was clearly a shoe print.

At that instant, it became extremely silent at the main door of the Yuan residence as everyone looked at Huang Yueli in awe, not believing their own eyes!

How was that possible? How on earth did they do it? Each of those six guards were all in fourth stage realm cultivation and moreover their combined attack was much stronger than before! But yet they were beaten until they were covered in blue-black and unable to stand on their feet??

In the entire Sky Cloud City, there were not many geniuses to be able to reach such a stage!

Huang Yueli raised her chin as she spoke with an indifferent smile, “Yuan Residence is really the number one family clan. The way they welcome their guests are really too authentic. To think that they’re so courteous until they kneel onto the ground to welcome guests, I’m really impressed…”