Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Startle All Present 1

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The few guards were both furious and embarrassed.

As the saying went, those officials at the prime minister’s door were all seventh grade ministers. As Yuan residence guards, even those reputable people in Sky Cloud City were not willing to offend them and mostly treated them with respect. Some of the practitioners whose cultivation levels were much higher than theirs even fought to get into their good books.

Since when had they ever been embarrassed before?

And to think that they were kicked in their butts!

Moreover, there were so many people crowding around the Yuan residence’s main door, taunting them…..

Although their injuries were not considered as serious, but they all vomited out a mouthful of blood at the same time – mainly it was out of being enraged.

However, no matter how enraged they were, no one dared to catch on Huang Yueli’s words and even those housekeeper who had initially joined in to support them all stared a few more glances before they turned around and ran into the Yuan residence.

Huang Yueli caught a glimpse of this from the corner of her eye, knowing that the housekeeper had ran in to divulge this information.

But she wasn’t too worried about it as she coldly sneered and walked into the inner zone of the Yuan residence.


In the banquet hall.

The banquet was almost starting as most of the guests had already arrived.

To get invited by the Honorary Association was an enormous honour for many so they didn’t dare to be late as everyone arrived rather early in the day.

Yuan Zeyu sat at the main seat, listing to many flattering and fawning voices as his mood turned incredibly great.

The others had thought that he was defeated by the new Senior Brother Li and would be in a bad mood, or even become so gloomy but the truth happened to be the exact opposite.

As the successor of the largest family in Sky Cloud City, he had gotten hold of a top secret and that was Celestial Light Academy’s most exceptional genius, the future Sect Master had personally visited Celestial Light Academy and moreover, he was the newly arrived Senior Brother Li!

What kind of status did the Young Sect Master have, and what ability did he hold. To be defeated by him, Yuan Zeyu not only did not feel embarrassed, on the contrary, he was jumping for joy for several days!

It was difficult for him to have ever been able to meet someone like Young Sect Master in his entire life but now he became a member of the academy, he even had the opportunity to exchange blows with Young Sect Master! If he was able to display his strength and attracted Young Sect Master’s attention, or even to hug his thigh, that would be a miraculous piece of luck which one couldn’t even begged for!

The only pity was before he could even display his ace finishing blow and not even being able to take one strike from Young Sect Master, he wondered if Young Sect Master would despise him because of this?

But to be able to be defeated by Young Sect Master was a kind of glory, probably plenty of other people would envy him!

Li Xue’er was just standing by his side as her delicate hand personally held on to the wine bottle as she poured out wine for Yuan Zeyu before offering the wine cups with both hands to his mouth.

“Young Master Yuan, Xue’er proposes a toast to you! This is Xue’er’s first time attending such a big occasion!”

Yuan Zeyu smiled pleasantly as he accepted the toast and took the opportunity to caress Li Xue’er’s small hand.

“Xue’er is really considerate!”

Li Xue’er’s face was filled with bashfulness as she withdrew her hand.

Yuan Zeyu could tell that it was her scheme to loosen the reins only to grasp them better but towards this new female chaperon, he was rather satisfied.

Although her background was slightly off and her ability was just ordinary, but she was a genius in armament refining!

Originally when Li Xue’er was only a high classed Armament apprentice, Yuan Zeyu couldn’t even be bothered about her but this time Master Tang had already let the news out that this disciple of his had already reached the standards of a first ranked Armament Master. She only needed to wait for the next Armament Guild’s approval to start and she would be able to become a real Armament Master!

Among thousands of Armament apprentices, only one could ultimately become an Armament Master.