Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Startle All Present 2

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Moreover Li Xue’er was still young and would have great prospects for the future.

In this case, she had barely made it into Yuan Zeyu’s eyes.

But to fight for the position of Yuan Zeyu’s lawful wife, Li Xue’er had little hope.

At this moment, a middle aged man hurriedly ran in from the entrance, “Eldest Young Master, bad news, bad news!”

Yuan Zeyu frowned as he felt unhappy. Now that the atmosphere was so good, he came shouting “Bad news” so wasn’t this just a huge disappointment?

“What’s the matter?”

The housekeeper took quick steps and stood beside him as he lowered his tone, “Eldest Young Master, there’s someone at the main entrance causing trouble! Some young lady claiming that she’s a Celestial Light Academy student says you had invited her for the banquet but yet was unable to show the invitation card. And those guards at the main door were blind enough to not notice her valued status and had offended her…. this lady actually directly beat the guards up until they had sustained serious injury!”

“What? How is that possible?” Hearing that, Yuan Zeyu bore a fare of disbelief.

He was clearest on the ability of his guards. If they were to combine their attacks and strike at the same time, even he had to spend an amount of effort to defeat them.

Was there even a second person who was able to do this? The housekeeper hurried added on, “Eldest Young Master, I don’t dare to cheat you! This matter is absolutely true and many others have seen it. Even our Yuan residence’s signboard had slanted crooked from her blow!”

Yuan Zeyu instantly became enraged, “Ridiculous? Even if our Yuan residence’s guards are in the wrong, but to even take it out on the signboard, this means that she’s not even giving us face!”

“Isn’t that so? But for such a well abled lady, her status must be extraordinary. We don’t know how to handle this so would Eldest Young Master please tell us what to do.”

Yuan Zeyu calmed down slightly. On thinking, not knowing what background this kind of genius had and if they were to offend her without making any head or tail then they would be on the losing end.

He then questioned, “What is this person called? What’s her identity? Have all of you asked her?”

Housekeeper hurried replied, “She only said she was Celestial Light Academy’s student and her name was Bai something…..”

“Surname Bai?” Yuan Zeyu went into a momentarily blank as he couldn’t recall any large influential powerhouses with the surname Bai?

Just at this moment, a loud “Bam” was heard from the banquet entrance!

Everyone in the banquet hall was shocked as they turned their heads to take a look.

They could only see the rosewood door at the entrance was kicked opened and a slender figure stood in the light, unable to make clear of her looks as they could only see the sun rays from her side that this was a slender young lady.

Just as the crowd went into a blank, the housekeeper was already pointing to her as he shrieked, “Eldest Young Master, it’s her, It’s HER! The one who was beating up the guards at the main entrance is her!”

Yuan Zeyu hurriedly turned over to take a look as he went into a short blank.

Huang Yueli slowly walked into the banquet hall and when she got closer, the crowd began to see her looks clearly.

The young lady in front of their eyes was wearing a white lined jacket which had pink embroidery flower patterns at the bottom and a red flowing dress without any accessories with only a flower shaped pearl fixed on the back of her head to pin up her hair.

As compared to those young ladies who were dressed up to the nineties, her dressing just simple too pure and too plain.

But even so, when her slender waist swayed, she seemed like an elegant, respectable fairy who had fallen onto earth as she attracted everyone’s gazes.

That kind of fresh and pure beauty didn’t require any extra polishing and just merely standing there would make anyone unable to forego her existence.