Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Exact Revenge On The Spot 1

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Those present were all stunned.

It was after a while before a sharp piercing voice broke the silence.

“It’s you——-! Bai Ruoli, how dare you even appear here!”

Lu Ziyi pounded on the table as she stood up with a cold intent, “What? Now you know what it means to be scared? Know that the Honorary Association cannot be offended? Let me tell you, it’s too late! We don’t welcome you here so get the hell out! Men, chase her out!”

The housekeeper hesitantly looked at Lu Ziyi and looked back at Yuan Zeyu, “Eldest Young Master, this…”

He had called out for him several times before Yuan Zeyu regained his senses from being mesmerized!

The minute he saw Huang Yueli, he felt that his heart had skipped a beat! The young lady in front of him….. was simply too beautiful!

This kind of beauty was not just on the exterior, there was also an invisible form of temperament which made her stood out from the others. She was simply one of the most beautiful young lady which Yuan Zeyu had ever met in his entire life!

He was also mesmerized by her for quite a while.

It was only after the housekeeper’s reminders when he turned around and questioned, “What’s going on? This lady, what’s your name? Why have you barged directly into Yuan residence?”

Before Huang Yueli could answer, Lu Ziyi had already butted in, “Brother Yuan! This wretched lass is the one who I told you about several days ago, this year’s new top student! And the one who became the top ten students in the Martial Arts Stage, Bai Ruoli! She really put on very huge airs. Brother Yuan you’d personally instructed me to send her an invitation giving her so much face! But in the end, she actually threw the invitation away! And what’s more, she even hit me!”

Yuan Zeyu found out her name and muttered to himself irresolutely, “So she is Bai Ruoli… this name is really not bad at all…..”

His voice was so soft that even Lu Ziyi couldn’t hear as she continued to voice out in anger.

“….. this is simply too much! The Honorary Association had never been humiliated by anyone before, to actually disregard the invitation that we had sent out! Now she’s regretting it and actually had the face to come and join in the banquet, thinking that things can be evened out like that? Brother Yuan, you gotta show her who’s boss here!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she gave an icy sneer.

“Lu Ziyi, your ability is just so so but you really know how to act mighty! Want to show me who’s boss? Just based on you? To tell you the truth, the reason for me coming here today is not to join in some banquet! I’m here to settle the debt with you!”

“Settle a debt with me?” Lu Ziyi still had not figured out the situation as she exaggeratedly opened her eyes wide and laughed out loud, “This is the biggest joke I’ve heard since the beginning of this year! Who do you think you are? Just a new student! So what even if you’ve entered the Martial Arts top ten? There are so many Celestial Light Academy talents who have been there and whoever had offended the Honorary Association all had no good ending, so you are no exception!”

“Really?” Huang Yueli shot her an icy glance.

Lu Ziyi felt a chilly shudder from her icy cold glance and couldn’t help but recall the last time when she was taught a lesson by Huang Yueli, to be slapped by her own hands. Until now, she could still feel the fiery hot pain on her face.

Momentarily, she suddenly felt afraid.

But reversing her thoughts, she was now standing on Yuan residence grounds, the turf for the Honorary Association.

No matter how gutsy Huang Yueli was, would she dare to create trouble here? Would she dare to behave atrociously? Unless water leaked into her brains or she had taken a leopard’s guts, otherwise she wouldn’t dare to take action here!