Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Exact Revenge On The Spot 2

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Thinking about this, Lu Ziyi suddenly felt confidence brewing.

She laughed coldly as she provocatively raised her head, “That’s right, just wait and see!”

Huang Yueli’s lips suddenly curled upwards, “Unfortunately, I don’t like to wait!”

“What do you mean?” Lu Ziyi was stunned.

The next moment, Huang Yueli’s figure was as fast as lightning as she disappeared from where she was standing.

Lu Ziyi thought she suddenly had vague and unclear vision as she blinked her eyes and when she opened it again, Huang Yueli had already appeared in front of her.

Lu Ziyi turn pale with shock and hurriedly stretched out her hands to defend herself but Huang Yueli’s speed was very fat and her attack was extremely strong!

Before she could even raise her hands, she was already sent flying out by Huang Yueli’s punch right in the middle!

Luckily her seat was right in front of a huge screen and she had directly broke a hole in the screen. But due to the buffer, she had not fallen too far away.

“Heavens! Have I seen wrongly? Bai Ruoli actually struck out!”

“This…. this cannot possibly be real! There’s actually someone who had dared to beat Lu family’s Young Miss up in the middle of an Honorary Association banquet!”

“Is Bai Ruoli mad? She… how would she dare?”

The banquet hall was in a state of chaos as shrieks of terror was heard.

No one had expected such a violent matter to have happened at such an important occasion!

Besides that, everyone without exception were sweating on behalf of Huang Yueli. Who doesn’t know what power the Honorary Association held? To have such slap on their face happening…. how were they going to settle this matter?

Everyone felt that the new top student was finished!

Song Yaru was also seated among the crowd and as she considered herself to have some relations with Huang Yueli, she was extremely anxious at this point of time until her sweat kept sprouting.

How was she such a courageous person?

To hit an Honorary Association person at their turf and even though she is right in front of Mister Yuan, she continued to slap their faces!

Although Song Yaru already felt that she was usually very arrogant, but for a matter like this, she had not even dared to dream about it!

Lu Ziyi was totally stunned by Huang Yueli as she used her hand to cover her face, staring unbelievably at Huang Yueli.

Whereas in between her fingers, not only was her nose bleeding, her tears uncontrollably flowed as well, cutting a sorry figure.

Actually Lu Ziyi had not wanted to cry but the place which Huang Yueli had hit was just too sensitive and she broke her nose bridge with just one punch so her tears were practically uncontrollable.

Huang Yueli welcomed her vengeful gaze as she slowly walked closer and overlooked at her from the top.

“You…. you…” Lu Ziyi’s glare was smoking but she was unable to complete a whole sentence at all.

Huang Yueli slowed said, “Haven’t I told you earlier? I don’t like to wait! So if there’s a feud, I must exact it on the spot! In future, don’t make me wait! Do you understand?”

Lu Ziyi was so humiliated that she wished she could die as she did not even dare to raise her head up.

As an Honorary Association member, she was well respected everywhere she went in the academy, so since when had she ever been humiliated in such a way before! At this moment, she really wished that she could dig a hole in the ground and hide in it.

However, things had not finished. Huang Yueli continued, “This punch is to teach you not to despise others. The next punch is to exact revenge for my Senior Sister, Su Qingyue…..”

Saying that she immediately struck out!

But this punch didn’t landed on her target. It was instead neutralised by a wave of gentle Profound Energy!

“Miss Bai, this matter…. please let it rest!”

Not knowing when, Yuan Zeyu had already moved himself in between the two of them.