Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Exact Revenge On The Spot 3

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Huang Yueli had not expected Yuan Zeyu to appear like that and couldn’t help but raised her brows.

Lu Ziyi seemed to have seen her savour as she agitatedly pounced over, forgetting about the pain on her face.

“Young Master Yuan…. Save me… please save me… this wretched lass…. actually dare…. dared to beat people at your banquet….. this simply meant that she didn’t even respect you…..”

Lu Ziyi shouted herself hoarse as she clenched her teeth and stared at Huang Yueli with an extremely fierce look!

Earlier when Huang Yueli had struck out the second time, she was scared until she almost lost half of her life! She had thought today she would be embarrassed totally!

Luckily, Yuan Zeyu saved her just in time.

The minute she saw Yuan Zeyu, Lu Ziyi became rest assured as a chilly smile appeared on her lips.

This wretched lass…. it’s the end of her complacency! After this, she would be paying back for her own actions!

What kind of status did Young Master Yuan had. Among the younger generation in Sky Cloud City, no one dared to offend him! Now that Huang Yueli dared to beat up his trusted aides at the banquet which he personally organised, Young Master Yuan would definitely not swallow down this for nothing!

( Box novel.c om )   Huang Yueli’s gaze swept towards Yuan Zeyu, “You’re that whatever Young Master Yuan?”

“Fwahhhhhh…..” a wave of shock was heard from below.

The crowd all gasped with shock as they looked at Huang Yueli.

She actually dared to use such a disrespectful tone towards Young Master Yuan?!

Lu Ziyi couldn’t help but laugh coldly. She’s seen people rushing to die but never seen someone so desperate before! Young Master Yuan had personally appeared and instead of hurriedly kneeling down to beg for mercy, she dared to use such a tone and talk to him? Did she feel that there was not enough time for her to die faster?

Everyone were waiting to see Young Master Yuan blow up in anger.

But Yuan Zeyu’s reaction was totally out of everyone’s expectations.

He stared at Huang Yueli for a while and his face broke out into a smile, “That’s right, I’m Yuan Zeyu. Miss, you’re this year’s new top student Bai Ruoli right! Seeing for myself is a hundred times better than hearing from others! We welcome you to join in today’s banquet.”

When he said that, the entire banquet hall’s crowd were petrified.

What situation was this? Instead of getting infuriated, Young Master Yuan spoke to her in such an amicable manner? How was that even possible?

A majority of the crowd bore an expression which didn’t understood why he acted in this way. Only Li Xue’er who followed Young Master Yuan throughout the entire duration had a change in expression as her fingers clutched tightly onto the handkerchief in her hands.

Earlier when Huang Yueli walked in, the expression Yuan Zeyu had when he looked at her instantly attracted Li Xue’er’s alert and upon seeing this scenario, the danger alert in her heart rang once again!

It wouldn’t… wouldn’t be what she had thought right??

Huang Yueli went into a blank momentarily as she really didn’t expect Yuan Zeyu’s attitude to be that well.

She had initially prepared to fight it out against Yuan Zeyu but this would probably be put off for quite a while.

( Box novel.c om )    Her tone was icy cold as she responded, “Young Master Yuan, I’ve heard of your big name! But unfortunately I’m not here to attend some banquet but just here to exact revenge! This Miss Lu had beat up my Senior Sister so I’m just taking revenge on her behalf!”

Seeing that she didn’t appreciate the kindness, Yuan Zeyu still didn’t get angry. Instead he smiled as he said, “Miss Bai, you’re too ceremonious. We’re all fellow students so we would never have any overnight enmity? Since you’ve already beaten her up, your revenge has also been exacted so why not just sit down and enjoy this banquet. Let’s all gather together and have a great night out?”