Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Exact Revenge On The Spot 4

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Huang Yueli was slightly surprised as her brows rose, “Since Young Master Yuan is sincerely inviting me, then if I don’t join in the banquet, it seems a little too unjustifiable…..”

Yuan Zeyu complacently smiled.

He knew that based on his own identity and charm, how was it possible that any young lass would treat him as transparent?

Although this new top student was very arrogant and very overbearing, but she was after all a new student so how could she not give him Yuan Zeyu any face?

However, Huang Yueli immediately added on, “But, that would have to wait till I complete my revenge! Would Young Master Yuan kindly step aside and let me finish up my punches so that I can attend your banquet?”

Yuan Zeyu had for an instant, thought that he had heard things wrongly. But when he saw the icy cold glare in Huang Yueli’s eyes, he realized that he didn’t hear her wrongly!

He had already given this young lass such a huge favour, not only did he not take into account of her beating up someone at his banquet, and had even taken the initiative to invite her. However Huang Yueli totally didn’t intend to step down and had wanted to continue finishing her unfinished business, to continue beating up Lu Ziyi!  ( Box novel.c om )

Lu Ziyi was initially rather confident that since Yuan Zeyu was already here, Huang Yueli would kneel down and beg for mercy.

Whoever knew that matters would take such an unexpected turn of events and Yuan Zeyu actually didn’t blame this wretched lass?

Lu Ziyi was so angry that she almost went crazy but didn’t dare to jump out and rebuke Yuan Zeyu. Just as her heart was toiling over this, Huang Yueli actually said such things!

Lu Ziyi finally could not hold it in as she screeched, “Wretched lass, you.. what do you want to do? I’m telling you, this is the Yuan residence! Do you think you can do as you wish in front of Young Master Yuan?”

Yuan Zeyu’s smile also fell off, “Miss Bai, your unwillingness to forgive puts me in a difficult position! Since we’re all schoolmates, what grudges are there which cannot be solved? Why don’t we sit down and talk things out instead of beating her up? Moreover, although Junior Sister Lu’s ability is not as good as yours, but she is after all the daughter of the Lu family. In her family, there is an eighth stage realm peerless expert who is holding the fort! I advise you to think through before you act!”

Lu Ziyi’s face turned green and white, not believing that Yuan Zeyu actually said such things!

Although this sounded like persuasion but to say this under the circumstances after Lu Ziyi had been beaten up, this was a cry to show her weakness!

“Brother Yuan, why do you bother to tell this wretched lass such things! She dare to behave atrociously at our Honorary Association banquet so that meant that she doesn’t want to live anymore! I must beat her until she becomes a cripple!”

( Box novel.c om )    “Shut your mouth!” Yuan Zeyu turned around and howled at her sternly.

Hearing Lu Ziyi speaking out at such an unsuitable timing, he was already filled with fury.

Others didn’t know how much ability Huang Yueli had but Yuan Zeyu had heard from his housekeeper that this young lass, at such a tender age, had already defeated seven fourth stage realm guards’ combined attacks and causing them to incur a serious injury!

Yuan Zeyu admitted that when he was at Huang Yueli’s age, he might not even be able to do that!

This proved that this young lass’s innate talent and power of comprehension was no lesser than his!

When Huang Yueli’s arrived at the banquet hall, he was surprised once against when they met! He was in awe because of her unique temperament and looks! Just one look and he was mesmerized.

By the time Yuan Zeyu had regained his senses, his heart had already secretly set a determination.

Only Huang Yueli with such ability and looks was worthy of him! As compared to her, whatever Li Xue’er or ladies from the other large families all became passing clouds.