Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Exact Revenge On The Spot 5

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Due to the admiration that he had towards Huang Yueli, Yuan Zeyu had no intention to hold her accountable for beating up someone.

Not only did he not hold her accountable, he even invited her to stay for the banquet so that she could witness for herself what kind of status did he had among those influential younger generation and talents in Sky Cloud City before displaying his own cultivational talent.

After letting this young lass found out how powerful he was and displaying his feelings for her, probably…. This genius young lady from the neighbouring small country around the border would be touched by him.

Yuan Zeyu’s plan was laid out nicely however, he had never expected Huang Yueli to not following according to standard procedures.

He had already said to let this matter rest but not only did Huang Yueli not intended to let matters rest, she even continuously struck out! This was simply treating his kind intentions as a donkey’s lungs and liver!

Yuan Zeyu was just feeling infuriated when he heard Lu Ziyi’s wails and howls while dragging his feet and he felt impatient as he howled at her.

“Lu Ziyi, you’d caused this matter yourself! You still have the cheek to say!”

“I….I…..” Lu Ziyi stared at him in disbelief as her tears rolled down once again!

She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and Yuan Zeyu usually treated her with respect and had never howled at her even once? Now it was all because of this wretched lass!

Lu Ziyi’s glare towards Huang Yueli was filled with vengeance, “It’s all because of a wretched lass like you! Just wait and see, I will never let you off! I…..”

Before she could finish her sentence, her voice suddenly stopped!

With a “Pa” sound, a crisp resounding slap landed on her face!

Lu Ziyi vomited out a mouthful of blood as two teeth also spurted out from her mouth!

Huang Yueli stood in front of her as she said coldly, “I told you before, I don’t like to wait! And yet you still let me wait…. Looks like I had indeed talked too much earlier!”

Saying that, she raised her right hand and with a continuous “pa pa pa pa” slapping sound, giving Lu Ziyi ten over slaps on her face.

Not long after, Li Ziyi’s face became so swollen that even her eyes could not open wide, completely became a pig head!

She finally could not stand the humiliation and her eyes rolled back as she fainted.

Huang Yueli then withdrew her hand and shaking her right hand, she grudging said, “Her face is really thick, making my hand painful!”

The entire banquet hall was filled with dead silence.

No one had expected that even after Yuan Zeyu had personally came to stop the fight, and even given her face to persuade her, she actually struck Lu Ziyi once again and this time, it was even more vicious than before!

She really was…. really gutsy!

This was simply throwing the Honorary Association’s face onto the ground and stomping on it! No matter how much tolerance Young Master Yuan had, he probably wouldn’t forgave her!

In actual fact, Yuan Zeyu himself was stunned!

When Huang Yueli struck out earlier, he had already detected it and immediately wanted to do the same as earlier, to use his Profound Energy to neutralise the attack.

But whoever had expected that the speed of Huang Yueli’s attack was too fast and her skills were too swift. In a split second, she had dodged and bypassed him, appearing right in front of Lu Ziyi.

Not only that, at the same time when she struck, she also threw out a fire wall, blocking right in front of Yuan Zeyu!

This fire wall’s might was astonishingly strong. It was congealed using deviant flame and shouldn’t be underestimated. Yuan Zeyu had also spent two breath’s time to break through it before he could rush over to stop her.

By then, it was all too late!

Huang Yueli had already struck Lu Ziyi at lightning speed with ten over slaps, causing Lu Ziyi to faint!