Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Constantly Comparing Oneself To Others Will Only Make One Angry 1

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Her smile resembled the blossoming of a cherry blossom, as tender and beautiful as it could be.

Yuan Zeyu went into a daze just from her smile. If it was said that his concession earlier had made him felt unreconciled, then now he had completely thrown the face of the Honorary Association behind.

Hearing that Huang Yueli still had the intention to leave, he hurriedly added, “Miss Bai, where do you want to go? How could I possibly put poison into your wine? Today’s matter was originally caused by Lu Ziyi. She had really gone too far. Usually she also liked to use the Honorary Association’s name to bully those new students and neighbouring small countries students and I’d long wanted to find a chance to warn her about it!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows in surprise, “In this case, Young Master Yuan, you also feel that….. the beating I gave her was well deserved!”

“Miss Bai does things in a clean and clear way, and since there’s logic and evidence, why should it be well deserved?”

Huang Yueli gazed at him indifferently, “I’d not expected that Young Master Yuan is rather reasonable. Other people outside often say your eyes are on your head and you’re rash and overbearing, and always despise those practitioners from small countries. Looks like these are all rumours!”

“Those are naturally rumours! No matter which country the practitioner comes from, as long as they have enough ability, I will always treat them as my top guest!” Yuan Zeyu stole a glance at her and added, “For example, someone like Miss Bai, who had both ability and beautiful looks above the rest, I will absolutely treat you well!”    ( Box novel.c om )

These words were rather ambiguous and was considered to express his liking for her in an implicit way.

Hearing these words, all of the guests present seemed to understand what was going on.

“So…. Young Master Yuan had taken a fancy to this Bai Ruoli! No wonder even after creating such a huge trouble, Young Master Yuan actually didn’t pursue further…..”

“That’s right. I said earlier, the way Young Master Yuan looked at her just doesn’t seem right. So it’s not an illusion!”

“Humpf, she’s just a country lass from a small country, her status is just too lowly! What could Young Master Yuan even possibly see in her!”

“So what if her status is low? Her innate talent and potential are there for all to see! Lu Ziyi is at least a top fifty plus expert in the Martial Arts Stage and yet was crushed in her hands, treated like a sandbag to be beaten, and even Young Master Yuan was not able to stop her! Large families tend to value the future Mistress’s innate talent! Just based on this, that Bai Ruoli has better hopes of marrying into the Yuan family!”

“But what about Li Xue’er? Young Master Yuan had already invited her to take part in such an important banquet, don’t tell me he has no intention of marrying her as a wife?”

“This…. is hard to say! One is a genius practitioner whereas the other is a valued Armament Master. If it was me, I’d also find it hard to choose! But Bai Ruoli is an exceptional peerless beauty. Earlier when she walked in, everyone’s attention was on her! Just looking at Young Master Yuan’s gaze and we already know which one he likes better?”

At this point of time, whatever could be said was said.

The other unconcerned parties had already found out that something fishy was going on. But in Li Xue’er’s heart, she was even clearer than the rest!

Ever since Huang Yueli walked into this banquet hall, it was obvious that Yuan Zeyu’s attention was totally attracted by her! To the point that he had forgotten that Li Xue’er was still by his side!

Li Xue’er had tried to gain back his attention on several attempts but Yuan Zeyu didn’t even bother to look her in the eye, only bothering to interact with Huang Yueli.

At that moment, she felt terrible but when she heard what Yuan Zeyu said, and what the crowd were speculating, her expression instantly turned green and white!    ( Box novel.c om )

Nothing was more unbearable than this!