Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Constantly Comparing Oneself To Others Will Only Make One Angry2

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Although Li Xue’er was just standing beside Yuan Zeyu, but the way other looked at her seemed to have determined that she was an abandoned woman!

She stared fiercely at Huang Yueli, recalling that just a few days ago, how ecstatic she was from receiving Young Master Yuan’s invitation as she went around to brag. She never could have imagined that it hadn’t been that long before she was slapped on the face alive!

Huang Yueli felt her gaze filled with hatred and turned back, curling her lips with a smirk of ridicule.

When Li Xue’er saw that, she almost fainted with anger!

Huang Yueli had accomplished her motive and was not willing to stay for long. Especially after finding out the feelings that Yuan Zeyu had for her, she didn’t want to get struck with this trouble so she replied, “I appreciate Young Master Yuan’s good intentions but I’m someone who is used to being carefree. My staying here might just offend even more people. Moreover, I’m still busy with my cultivation so I’d be making a move first!”

“Miss Bai, please wait!”

Yuan Zeyu wasn’t willing to let her leave and hurriedly chased up to her saying, “You’re my valued guest so in what way would you offend anyone? Moreover, we will be holding some mini tournaments as highlights during the banquet so why not stay and take a look?”

Li Xue’er saw Yuan Zeyu taking the initiative to beseech Huang Yueli to stay and felt even more upset so she couldn’t hold back any longer and walked right up.

“Young Master Yuan, since Miss Bai is not willing, then why must you force her against her will? Her heart is totally leaning against the heart of cultivation and she probably don’t think much of the other practitioners who would only make merry, assuming that only those hedonistic children who are not interested in improving themselves will attend this kind of banquet. Even if you managed to make her stay, it will only make her feel more disgusted!”

The things she said was filled with malice and was extremely scheming.

On the surface, it seemed like she was helping Huang Yueli to persuade Yuan Zeyu not to force her to stay.

But in reality, she was actually drawing more hatred towards Huang Yueli from all sides.

Everyone present at the banquet were all making merry but Li Xue’er made Huang Yueli seemed like she was above everyone and wasn’t interested in all these. Nor could she be bothered to make friends with them hence she wasn’t willing to stay for the banquet.

Didn’t that meant that Huang Yueli treated them with disdain as beneath contempt as she couldn’t be bothered to get associated with these people which was why she wanted to leave?

Those present were all descendants of Sky Cloud City’s large families and had statuses and abilities. If Huang Yueli were to offend all of them at one go, then in future it would be difficult for her to stay in Sky Cloud City. Perhaps even those who were quick tempered would make trouble for her!

How would Huang Yueli not know what Li Xue’er was scheming.

Her footsteps halted as she smiled icily at Li Xue’er, “I cannot take responsibility for the words that Senior Sister Li had said! Since that’s the case, then I shall stay on!”

Yuan Zeyu immediately broke out in delight as he smiled, “That’s great, Miss Bai, that you’re able to stay! Men, quickly prepare Miss Bai’s seat!”

Li Xue’er went into a blank but following that she clenched hard on her teeth as she realised that she had moved the rock to smash on her own feet!

Originally she was prepared to use words to force Huang Yueli to leave and at the same time, spoil her reputation to make Yuan Zeyu and the others believed that although Huang Yueli’s ability was strong, but she was an arrogant and brainless person. Whereas while Huang Yueli was not around, she would be able to display her good traits in front of Young Master Yuan so as to re-attract his attention.

However the result was Huang Yueli had gone with the flow and stayed on!

How would this do? If she stayed on and attracted Yuan Zeyu’s attention, then how would Young Master Yuan even be able to notice her, Li Xue’er??

Huang Yueli ignored her embarrassed look as she slowly walked past her and proceeded towards the seat which Yuan Zeyu had prepared for her.

Li Xue’er turned around and almost went into another fit of anger.