Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Constantly Comparing Oneself To Others Will Only Make One Angry3

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Huang Yueli’s seat was actually high up on the stage and was the nearest to Yuan Zeyu’s seat.

That was the number one guest’s position! Only guests of exceptional status was able to take this seat.

Although Li Xue’er was Yuan Zeyu’s female chaperon, she was allowed to sit next to Yuan Zeyu and seemed like the position was much higher than Huang Yueli’s seat. But everyone knew that this was only because of Young Master Yuan’s face.

But the seat which Huang Yueli was seated on was a representation of identity and ability.

Li Xue’er was so enraged that she gritted her teeth. This wretched lass, on what basis did she deserve such treatment! Her background… was not even comparable to Li Xue’er’s!

Apparently, not only Li Xue’er had this kind of thinking.  ( Box novel.c om )

On seeing Huang Yueli’s seat, many of them shot her a weird look.

Everyone looked upon the seating arrangement as a very important thing during this kind of large families’ formal banquets. This was all arranged based on one’s identity and ability and although Huang Yueli’s ability naturally was strong, but to say that she could take the first seat made quite a number of people felt uncomfortable.

However, on account of Young Master Yuan’s face, not many dared to stand out and oppose immediately.

The banquet officially started.

After three rounds of drinking, quite a number of them were tipsy so the mini tournaments which was the highlight of the banquet was about to start officially.

To spar on slightly official banquets was a tradition in Soaring Heavens Continent and when Huang Yueli was in South Yue Kingdom, the royal banquet which she had attended was so as well.

This time, those attending the banquet were all Celestial Light Academy’s students and all of them were all outstanding practitioners. Moreover, who didn’t want to reveal a hand in front of Sky Cloud City’s largest family’s descendant Young Master Yuan. If they performed well, perhaps they might be scouted by the Yuan family and soar up into the skies!

Because of this, many people had joined in quickly and challenged each other.

Huang Yueli was seated in the first seat and propping up her chin, she looked on enthusiastically at the battles below.

It must be said that the level of these battles was simply a difference between heaven and earth as compared to those that she had seen at South Yue Kingdom’s peach blossom banquet.

Sky Cloud City was famed for plenty of talented practitioners and several battles were worth watching. Celestial Light Academy was really the number one academy in Sky Cloud City to be able to recruit so many outstanding students!

Huang Yueli was sighing with emotion when she suddenly realised that her surroundings had gone into a weird silence.

Not knowing when, the entire banquet hall had turned completely silent as everyone’s gazes were thrown towards her side.

She was stunned for a moment as she raised up her head.

In the middle of the battle stage stood an eighteen or nineteen young man as he crossed his arms and looked at her coldly. His eyes were long and narrow and his lips were thin which added some senses of evilness to his looks.

He raised his chin as he spoke with an arrogant expression, “Bai Ruoli, aren’t you very arrogant and wild today? Think you’re Celestial Light Academy’s number one expert? Since that’s the case, do you dare to compete against me?”

Huang Yueli’s lips slowly curled upwards, “Why? You wish to challenge me?”

“Challenge?” The young man replied coldly, “Do you think I’m challenging you? Looks like I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Lu Zijue, Martial Arts Stage ranked third!”  ( Box novel.c om )

He reported his own family name with a cold and solemn look, thinking that perhaps Huang Yueli would reveal a shocked or anxious expression.

Celestial Light Academy’s Martial Arts Stage top ten ranking practitioners were all famous characters in the academy and one which all the students knew.

As for him, Lu Zijue, even amongst the top ten geniuses, he was one of the most outstanding ones!

In Celestial Light Academy, his ranking was just one place below Yuan Zeyu and it was because of the mysterious Senior Brother Li which made his ranking fell to third place.