Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Continue Digging A Hole 1

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Yuan Zeyu frowned when he heard what he said.

Originally, he wished that Huang Yueli and Lu Zijue would not have any conflict. He was most sure of Lu Zijue’s ability and within the entire Celestial Light Academy, the person whom he had fought against the most number of times was him!

Although Lu Zijue and him was completely incomparable, but among the same age practitioners, he was indeed worthy of the title of a peerless genius because his ability itself had easily created a huge gap between himself and the fourth rank practitioner and below!

Huang Yueli was able to defeat Lei Zichu so that showed that her ability naturally was strong enough but as compared to Lu Zijue, no one could tell who was had the lead.

He had intended to explain and smoothed the matter over by stopping the battle.

But he hadn’t expected that Huang Yueli to be so self-confident that not only had she accepted the challenge, she even added fuel to the fire by provoking Lu Zijue!

This made Yuan Zeyu extremely surprised.

In this way, he didn’t really wanted to stop this battle because he also wanted to know if Huang Yueli’s ability was really as strong as what she had showed! How much value was she really worth and if she was able to become a top exponent who was just below him?

Yuan Zeyu thought for a moment and said, “The battles during the banquet are casual challenges and there is no restriction on who you are challenging so what’s the talk about not giving me face about? Only, during this banquet, it’s not a life and death battle so will the both of you please start off leniently and not have any situation where either side would incur any serious injury with the main aim as friendly sparring!”

Lu Zijue sneered, “Young Master Yuan, I cannot guarantee this. After all, when we really cross hands, the blades have no eyes!”

“This…..” Yuan Zeyu knew that his good friend was really enraged as he tried to persuade further.

However, Huang Yueli also responded, “That’s right, blades have no eyes so minor accidents are unavoidable.”

This made Yuan Zeyu wordless as even Lu Zijue looked over with surprise.

“You really have…. great guts! Too bad you’re just overestimating yourself!”

Huang Yueli replied smilingly, “Really? Don’t be too full of yourself! Since you’re sure that you can win me, then let’s make a bet for good luck, what do you think?”

“You want to place a bet??” Lu Zijue was even more surprised.

From what he thought, Huang Yueli was bound to lose for sure!

Earlier she was so full of herself. It was probably because she had underestimated him and also because of face.

But now she even wanted to bet with him?

What kind of joke was that? Was she really so dumb till this extent? Or did she really thought he, Lu Zijue was some push-over?

At that instant, Lu Zijue was so enraged that he couldn’t manage his thoughts properly but very quickly, he trembled with a start and started to become alert.

No, something was not right, this should be one of that wretched lass’s underhanded methods! She wanted to agitate him to make him lose his proper sense of judgement which would eventually led him to expose his weakness! This lass really had sinister thoughts and luckily he had discovered it early. Otherwise…. he might just fall into her trap!

Thinking of this, Lu Zijue started to calm down as he sneered, “Alright, since you want to bet, I’m alright with it too! But what can a lass from a small country like you possibly bring out to gamble? If the stakes are too low, then I’m not willing to play along!”

He self-professed that he had seen through Huang Yueli’s scheme but never would he had thought that Huang Yueli really wasn’t what he had imagined.

Her train of thoughts were very, very simple.

If she had to waste energy entering a fight, even if it was just one or two strikes, it would also require her to spend some energy!

An unscrupulous businesswoman like her would not wake up early if there were no profits involved. So if she was not able to gain any advantages from making a move, then she would have made a loss! Then she won’t even do it!

Seeing that Lu Zijue agreed to her terms, her face was beaming with a brilliant smile immediately.