Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Continue Digging A Hole 2

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Her expression changed just too fast.

Lu Zijue took a look and immediately the alarms in his heart started ringing. Even though he felt that he probably wouldn’t lose, but why was she smiling so happily? Could there be some plot?

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she replied, “I’d never imagined that Young Master Lu’s thinking is so in line with mine! I also feel that if the stakes are too low, then what’s the point of the gamble? Since we’re going to bet, then let’s make it a big one!”

Lu Zijue sneered, “You make it sound so simple. Then would Miss Bai please tell me what you’re preparing to put up as a stake?”

This wretched lass really made her words sound so beautiful! Unfortunately, a pauper was still a pauper, what valuable stuff could she possibly had? Could it be that she would bring out all the items that she had used her star currency to exchange as stakes?

Lu Zijue was not the only one who thought that way, all the others had the same train of thought as everyone wanted to see what stakes she could possibly offered!

No matter what she brought out, it was just incomparable with what the second largest family in Sky Cloud City, Lu family’s belongings!

Yuan Zeyu had even decided that if the item which Huang Yueli brought out was unpresentable, then the slap on her face would be too much to bear so he was prepared to give Huang Yueli a gift as the stake! This kind of solicitation, if offered at the right time and place, he wasn’t afraid that she would not accept it!

Under everyone’s witness, Huang Yueli flipped her wrist and brought out something from the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Just one look and many people cried out in surprise immediately!

“What? What’s that??”

“Am I seeing things? That Profound Armament’s grade seems very high! At least…. fourth tier upper grade??”

“You didn’t see wrongly! I feel that it’s like a fifth tier Profound Armament! How…. How could this be possible?”

Yuan Zeyu and Lu Zijue also looked shocked as they saw the stake which Huang Yueli placed on the table.

That was a fifth tier lower grade Profound Weapon and it was not just one piece but an entire set. A total of twelve flying daggers and every single one was as thin as a cicada’s wings. The colour and lustre was transparent and even against the backlight, it was almost impossible to see the vestige. So once this was used, it could really be said to be invisible and untraceable!

Just one piece of fifth tier Profound Weapon was priceless. Moreover this was an entire set made out of twelve flying daggers. Only the words “Valuable Treasure” could be used to describe this item!

Even the successors of Sky Cloud City’s large families, like Yuan Zeyu or Lu Zijue, did not have a single piece of Profound Armament which was comparable to this item.

After all, even Celestial Light Academy’s Profound Weapon Chambers only have a few pieces of fifth tier Profound Armaments, and the grade was the lowest while the quality was one of the worst!

At that moment, they were not able to say even one word.

A few moments later, Lu Zijue regained his senses and he was filled with excitement!

The reason was because he was a practitioner who used flying daggers as his weapon! To him, that set of Profound Weapon could be said to be made just for him! If he was able to get it, then his potential would definitely leap to another level! He might even had a possibility of defeating Young Master Yuan!

Even in his wildest dreams, he would never had dreamt of getting such a good item! But now that it suddenly appeared before his eyes, it was like a huge cake dropping down from heaven!

Moreover, to get it wasn’t difficult at all. Because the new student in front of him was just too young and even her cultivation level was not comparable to his. So if he used some special technique…. Then naturally he would obtain it easily!

Thinking of this, Lu Zijue was unable to control his feelings of excitement.

Huang Yueli asked, “How’s my stake? Enough?”

Lu Zijue hurriedly responded, “Enough! More than enough! Let’s stake on this then!”