Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Continue Digging A Hole 3

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Huang Yueli smiled as she replied, “Then… Young Master Lu, what are you intending to place as stake?”

When she said this, it made Lu Zijue perplexed.

Initially he had felt that a country bumpkin Huang Yueli would not have anything valuable so anything that he took out casually would be able to easily dismiss her!

In the end, the situation was totally different from what he expected. The young lass had took out such a treasure!

A set of fifth tier Profound Weapon…..

What kind of treasure would be had to offer to be worthy of this Profound Weapon’s value??

( Box novel.c om )   Lu Zijue pondered for some time and was indecisive.

Huang Yueli sniggered secretly and showed a kind-hearted look as she asked, “Young Master Lu, do you have any difficulty? If you feel that the fifth tier Profound Armament’s value is too high, I can change another stake!”

Change another one? How would that do?

Lu Zijue hurriedly stopped her, “Don’t….. no need to change! The fifth tier Profound Armament as a stake is just right! How could the value be too high? It’s only that I haven’t decided what to set as stake only…..”

Such a suitable Profound Weapon for himself, how would he let her change it? This was an excellent piece of Profound Armament which had not even appeared before in Sky Cloud City’s largest auction!

Moreover, he himself had exaggerated earlier saying that the stakes should not be too low. If he agreed to change now, wouldn’t it be expression that he agreed to Huang Yueli’s words that he could not afford such expensive stakes? In this case, he would be dragging down Lu family’s face!

His thoughts flew quickly in his mind. The Profound Weapon which he was currently using was a fourth tier mid-grade weapon and his other Profound Armament and Profound Artifact were all fourth tier lower grade. Among the younger generation, he was considered as tycoon level. But this entire set of equipment was not even worth ten percent of Huang Yueli’s flying dagger set!

Even if he were to bring out all his entire Spirit Stones, it would also not be enough….

At this point, a thought suddenly flashed past his mind as he recalled that he was carrying the Lu family’s family heirloom cultivation method!

This was a set of Earth grade upper level cultivation method! The power was extremely strong! And it was one of Lu family’s famous cultivation methods.

This set of exquisite cultivation methods was not available in Celestial Light Academy’s Scripture Depository and it was priceless as well. So to use it as a stake against Huang Yueli’s flying dagger set, it should be more than enough…..

But if his family members were to find out that he actually used the exquisite cultivation method which was handed down in the family for generations as a stake, then he would have no way of reconciliation!

Lu Zijue was still hesitating when he heard Huang Yueli said, “Young Master Lu, have you considered already? Time spent brewing a pot of tea has passed and just a small matter like that requires so much time? Are you regretting and not intending to bet anymore? Then it’s alright. After all I’m not like you people in the Lu family. Such a small matter and unable to forgive and forget. If you don’t dare then let’s forget it!”

This was said so beautifully!

The other party had regretted and not only did she not persist, she even didn’t require him to apologize! Anyone would stick their thumbs up and praise her saying she was magnanimous!

But in Lu Zijue’s ears, it felt like a resounding tight slap on his face!

He wasn’t able to consider any further as he clenched his teeth and responded, “Who says I haven’t considered carefully? I’ve already decided that my stake will be — Earth grade cultivation method << Divine Martial Record >> !”

“What? << Divine Martial Record >>?? Young Master Lu is actually going to use << Divine Martial Record >> as a stake? Has he gone mad?”

“Why? What is the << Divine Martial Record >>?”

“<< Divine Martial Record >> is Lu family’s family heirloom cultivation method! Only direct descendants are able to gain access to it. It’s not even passed down to the branches! Young Master Lu is actually going to use this as a stake?”  ( Box novel.c om )