Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 908

Chapter 908 A Battle Plum Blossom Dome 1

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“Didn’t you hear what they were talking about earlier? The Profound Armament that Bai Ruoli brought out is fifth tier! Moreover, it’s an entire set! Besides << Divine Martial Record >>, Young Master Lu probably doesn’t have any stake of similar value right?”

“But…. that…. that’s too rash? That is his family heirloom cultivation method! If he were to lose it, how is Young Master Lu going to account for it?”

“Have you gone silly? Would Young Master Lu not know the severity of this? It is exactly because of the battle which is why he brought it out! He probably is one hundred percent sure that he will win! As long as he wins this battle, he will not make any losses and he will get back his cultivation method!”

“So it’s like this…. in actual fact, Young Master Lu’s ability is definitely much stronger than Bai Ruoli’s! Looks like the person who is dumb is not Young Master Lu but Bai Ruoli!”    ( Box novel.c om )

“However, this Bai Ruoli is really wealthy! Is she really born in a small country? She’s actually able to bring out an entire set of fifth tier Profound Armament! Even the number one genius in large families are not as wealthy as her!”

The crowd were discussing fervently, each sticking to their own opinions.

The only thing which they agreed on was the wonderment on Huang Yueli’s wealth and influence!

Although they were all large families’ descendants, but most of them, before today, had not even been able to see a fifth tier Profound Armament!

After Lu Zijue had finished what he said, he was first flustered as he regretted his rashness.

But subsequently, he started to calm down.

Right, no matter what he used as a stake, it was still the same. As long as he won the battle, nothing would be lost. As for the young lass in front of him, how could she possibly win him?

This was a huge opportunity for him!

He didn’t needed to spend any money and he could easily obtain a set of Profound Weapon!

He laughed delightfully as he placed the << Divine Martial Record >> onto the table, “The stake has been placed so will Brother Yuan be our witness. Let’s start this battle!”

“No problem!” Huang Yueli smiled as she stood up.

Yuan Zeyu was having the jitters as he felt that this entire matter had broken away from his control and the stakes were too high!

( Box novel.c om )   He had assumed that both of them would at most placed a few hundred thousands of lower grade spirit stones as a bet as this amount for large families descendants was just a small matter.

But now, one had come out with a fifth tier Profound Weapon while the other had offered his family heirloom cultivation method! If anyone of them lost, it was a huge loss which no one was able to handle!

And since this battle had happened on the premises of his Yuan family, if something happened, he would definitely be implicated.

But at this present moment, there was no way to stop this.

The entire banquet hall’s atmosphere was fired up as everyone’s feelings were lifted!

On one hand was the new top student who had newly advanced into the Martial Arts Stage top ten! On the other hand was a veteran top exponent, who had resided as Martial Arts Stage rank number two for a long, long time!

The two strengths were fighting against each other and was already an attention grabber which involved huge stakes!

The two of them walked down from the stage and stopped.

Lu Zijue suddenly spoke out, “Miss Bai, I can tell that you’re an expert and since the gambling stakes are so high, if we were to fight as per normal tournaments, then it’d be so boring! Usually among large families descendants like us, if we were to stake huge bets, then the difficulty of the battle would also increase. I wonder if you dare to accept?”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as her lips curled up into a slight smile.

“Young Master Lu means…. how should we compete?”

Lu Zijue replied, “You should have seen Celestial Light Academy’s Plum Blossom Dome right? This kind of battle would be to fight it out directly at the Plum Blossom Dome! And to add on to the challenge, both parties must blindfold their eyes!”

“Oh?” Huang Yueli seemed lost in thought.