Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 911

Chapter 911 A Battle Plum Blossom Dome 4

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Not knowing when the Plum Blossom Dome had been activated, all thirty two poles within the array’s boundary had started moving and the tallest pole suddenly started to descend!

Huang Yueli had just leapt into the sky and the tip of her foot coincidentally stepped onto the descending Plum Blossom Dome!

“Ah, how could this happen? She had landed on it, she really landed on it!”

“What’s going on? Wasn’t she just about to ram into the pole? Why did that pole suddenly descend? Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?”

“It must be… a coincidence, right? Her luck’s not bad after all!”

Lu Zijue was just on the descending pole and although he couldn’t see, but he could clearly felt the vibrations from the Profound Energy which came from Huang Yueli when she was moving! Not only had she not rammed into the pole, she had instead leapt onto the pole which he was standing on, pouncing towards his direction.

Lu Zijue’s heart was extremely shocked!

Surely it was impossible? Once the array was activated, even he had no way to predict the changes of the ascend and descend of the Plum Blossom Dome so how did this lass managed to leap up at the right time?

Right, it should be a coincidence, **** luck! That must be it!

This lass’s luck isn’t too bad, but to become a winner would still require real skills so basing on luck was just not possible for her to succeed!

What use was there in just jumping upwards? He only needed to wait for her to be unsteady before he initiated an attack and he would be able to sweep her down in one strike!

Lu Zijue’s thoughts were flying swiftly past his mind and he had consecutively thrown out several flying daggers, attacking towards Huang Yueli’s upper, middle and lower body!

His moves were very fast and accurate and more importantly, the purity of his Profound Energy was extremely strong!

The flyer daggers broke out in space and sped towards Huang Yueli!

The spectators below the platform could see it clearly and although Lu Zijue was not able to see, but the direction that he sent his flying daggers had not deviated one bit and had exactly blocked all avenues where Huang Yueli could hide!

Moreover, the speed of the flying daggers were so fast!


“She’s finished!”

Under this kind of circumstances, everyone had thought that Huang Yueli was unable to avoid and the best possibility was to avoid her vital organs. She was bound to be hurt and moreover, Lu Zijue would definitely take this opportunity to pursue and attack in order to throw her onto the ground.

Huang Yueli seemed to be scared stiff as she remained motionless.

Just as the winner and loser was about to be decided!

At this moment, that Plum Blossom Dome suddenly moved again and subsequently descended by a huge chunk once again!

Huang Yueli’s body naturally descended with the pole as the few powerful flying daggers followed the direction of the wind and just narrowly flew past the top of her head by merely an inch of a distance!

Although it looked terrifying but not even one stand of her hair had dropped.

“Fwah, missed again!!”

“The battle at the Plum Blossom Dome is really ever-changing! This time I thought she would definitely be hit but in the end, changes happened again. This is simply unimaginable!”

Lu Zijue heard the spectators discussions and realised that his ultimate strike missed its target!

He was extremely frustrated and at the same time, he could not take it lying down!

What on earth happened? Why did the poles suddenly descend again as this fraudulent array saved that lass’s life once again! Her luck was just too ridiculously good!

Just as Lu Zijue was feeling melancholic, he suddenly felt a huge Profound Energy coming from the top of his head.

“I say… Young Master Lu. You’re in the middle of a battle so how can you go into a daze? Earlier you had already struck so now, it’s my turn!”

A young lady’s sweet voice resounded.