Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 912

Chapter 912 A Battle Plum Blossom Dome 5

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“Wh… What’s the situation??”

Lu Zijue had not completely responded in time before he felt a pain on his head and suddenly his body uncontrollably fell from behind!

A “Pong” sound was heard and his body seemed to fly out at a slanted angle, just happening to ram straight into a rising pole!

As reflux from this pole’s uprising surge of power, his whole body was thrown upwards again and at an arc, he flew in the middle of the sky and continued to descend downwards!

This time, he had coincidentally fell onto the second pole and this pole, not knowing when, also started to rose and he had once again thrown up into the sky!

Lu Zijue’s luck seemed to be down in the dumps as he had once again descended but yet to be thrown upwards…..

Again and again…..

Every single collision, he had robustly rammed onto the pole as it gave out a dull banging sound! Following that was Lu Zijue’s miserable shrieks!

Just hearing his shrieks was able to make one imagined how heavily he had banged onto the poles! Such a heavy impact and how serious the injury was simply made one’s heart trembled!

But as this happened too suddenly, no one could respond in time.

It was until Lu Zijue had rammed onto the third pole when the cries of surprise was heard from outside the array.

“Heavens, what happened? Had Lu Zijue been sent flying by Bai Ruoli??”

“Isn’t the Plum Blossom Dome Young Master Lu’s speciality? How did he lose to that small country’s lass??”

“Earlier, how did Bai Ruoli strike? Did you see it? Just a simple kick and she was able to send Young Master Lu flying??”

No one was able to answer this question.

Everyone had guessed for quite some time before they suddenly realised that Lu Zijue had not landed on the ground and was still continuously bouncing in between the different poles!

“This… what situation is this??”

“Heavens, I can see Young Master Lu throwing up blood in the middle of the sky!”

Yuan Zeyu was also in a daze from what he saw. He had already expected the possibility of Lu Zijue losing but since he had already lost, but he could not descend onto the ground so what was this?

He went into a short daze before he heard the cries from the surrounding and suddenly regained his senses as he hurriedly called out, “Men, hurry up, go, go and switch off the array! Switch it off right now!”

The Array Master at the Yuan residence hurriedly turned off the array and Lu Zijue finally fell straight downwards from the last pole.

Yuan Zeyu flew upwards and caught him in his arms personally.

He took a look and realised that Lu Zijue had already passed out. On his face were greenish and purplish bruises and Yuan Zeyu touched a few places on his body only to discover that ten over pieces of his ribs were broken, and he had sustained a serious internal injury!

The thing that he was most worried about had happened! Lu family’s Young Master had suffered a serious injury at his place so Yuan family would have a hard time explaining about this!

Yuan Zeyu hurriedly called out, “Quickly summon the best doctors to our residence! Then go to our storage and get the best medicinal pills here!”

At this present moment, everything was a flurry and everyone were shocked by Lu Zijue’s looks!

Practitioners were bound to get injured during tournaments and injuries which were more serious than this was commonly seen. But the one who was injured now was Lu Zijue, the top exponent who had lost only to Yuan Zeyu! When he was in Celestial Light Academy, only he threw punches at others, who had dared to do it to him? Or it was to say, who had the capability to hurt him?

But now, he was fixed to such a terrible state!

At this moment, a crisp voice was heard from above everyone’s heads.

“I say, what’s the situation now? Have I already won this battle? Isn’t Young Master Yuan this battle’s judge? Why aren’t you announcing the result? Are you expecting me to keep standing on the Plum Blossom Dome in a daze?”