Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Renege On A Debt? 1

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The crowd all raised their head in a daze as they suddenly recalled that they had forgotten about someone in the Plum Blossom Dome!

Huang Yueli had already removed the black blindfold on her face.

She stood on the tallest pole of the Plum Blossom Dome and looking downwards, her expression had a faint smile as she overlooked at everyone. She stood against the light and a blinding ray of sunlight shone from her back, as though her figure was coated with a layer of gold, silhouetted against her peerless beauty, it was as if an immortal being had descended.

In a single moment, everyone was in a daze.

Yuan Zeyu took several glances at her and it was until Huang Yueli raised her brows unhappily before he regained his senses and said, “Right, right, it’s my negligence! The winner of this battle is Bai Ruoli!”

The result was clear to all with no doubts at all but the minute the result was announced, it still caused a huge stir.

The reason was because many of them did not see clearly how did Huang Yueli managed to defeat Lu Zijue!

“This… this is counted as Young Master Lu’s loss?” Many of them bore a vacant expression.

“Then…. what can he do? Bai Ruoli is standing up there in good shape whereas Young Master Lu had already fallen down, and fallen to such a bad extend! It seems that he had suffered a serious injury so even if he refuses to admit his defeat, he absolutely has no way to continue with this battle.”

“But…. but, isn’t this unjustly for him? Young Master Lu obviously had the absolute advantage earlier! That Bai Ruoli was just lucky, so how did she just win so easily! Young Master Lu is just too unlucky!”

A few female students who secretly admired Young Master Lu grieved and lamented for him as they felt it was an unjustified result.

“That’s right. At the beginning, she was just running about blindly and if it wasn’t for the fact that the pole just happened to descend, she would probably have rammed into it head on! And when Young Master Lu struck, the pole suddenly descended again which helped her big time. Otherwise she would definitely had fallen down. How was it possible that she would have the chance to attack Young Master Lu then?”

“Correct, she is just too lucky! Young Master Lu is just too…. Sigh. Earlier although he was struck, but he obviously had an opportunity to stabilise himself and battle once again! It was all because of those few damned poles! How could it be so coincidental to have sent him flying once and again! Ai, Bai Ruoli had really gained a huge advantage this time!”

The few of them had insisted that the real reason why Huang Yueli was about to win was purely because of luck.

Based on the majority’s ability and scope of understanding the world, they totally could not imagine that someone was able to grasp the operation of how a fifth tier array worked, understanding how those Plum Blossom Domes extended and contacted and using the ever changing rhythm to easily defeat the opponent!

Huang Yueli flew down from the Plum Blossom Dome and turned delicately right in front of Yuan Zeyu.

Yuan Zeyu’s expression seemed slightly complicated but the gaze which he used to look at her couldn’t masked the admiration which he had for her.

He really had not expected that Huang Yueli could so easily defeat Lu Zijue! This only meant that she not only had an outstanding innate talent, but it also meant that she had brains and including that sweet and gentle looks…..

Yuan Zeyu felt that he was deeply enchanted by her! Only she, the cream of the crop, was suitable for him! As compared to the other large families’ daughters, they were all plain Janes!

“Miss Bai, congratulations on obtaining victory! Since you have defeated Lu Zijue, your ranking in Martial Arts Stage has considerably taken a step forward! Just barely two weeks from entering the Academy and you’ve already became the Martial Arts Stage rank number three. Your achievements are more than enough to leave a record in Celestial Light Academy’s history!”