Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Renege On A Debt? 2

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Yuan Zeyu spoke earnestly but Huang Yueli didn’t thought much of it.

“I’m not interested at all in some Martial Arts Stage ranking. I’m only concerned about one matter, can I take away the stakes which I had won now?”

The minute she asked, those present started to quieten down.

Yuan Zeyu’s face was filled with hesitation, “This…..”

Huang Yueli’s brows creased as she replied in annoyance, “What does Young Master Yuan mean? We had agreed on this previously, don’t tell me that you’re regretting it now?”

Yuan Zeyu had yet to say a word when the surrounding crowd started to shout.

“What right do you have to take away Young Master Lu’s <>? You’re able to win today’s battle purely because of luck, isn’t it? If it wasn’t for your dog s*it luck, you’d already had fallen, breaking all your bones and forget about winning this battle?”

“That’s right! Isn’t it all because of your luck? To win based on luck, you should secretly be happy. How could you still be so thick-skinned and request to take away Young Master Lu’s cultivation method?”

“That’s right, Young Master Lu is just unlucky to have fallen for no reason. So if his cultivation method was also taken away from him, then it’s be so unjustified for him!”

Huang Yueli turned around and her icy gaze swept across!

Those few who had been crying out the most severe met with her icy cold gaze and totally did not dare to meet her eyes as they shut up their mouths in guilt!

Huang Yueli sneered as she looked towards Yuan Zeyu once again, “Why? Young Master Yuan appears so hesitantly. Could it be that you also feel that I had won the battle purely because of luck and has no right to claim the stakes which I had won?”

Yuan Zeyu shook his head immediately as he responded, “I don’t think in that way! There is no such thing as coincidental in this world! Moreover, a win is a win, a loss is a loss. What’s it got to do with coincidental or non-coincidental!”

“Looks like Young Master Yuan is considered understanding. Since that’s the case, quickly hand me the item which Lu Zijue had stakes because I’m preparing to head back to Celestial Light Academy to cultivate.” Huang Yueli replied.

“Ugggh, this…. Miss Bai, can we have a private discussion?”

Yuan Zeyu entered another round of hesitation as he still didn’t brought out the << Divine Martial Record >>.

Huang Yueli’s face sunk, “Young Master Yuan, what is the meaning of this? Since you’ve already acknowledge my victory, then one must accept the loss when one loses. Since he had bet the stakes but not willing to honour it, is that how the large families in Sky Cloud City handle things? Why is there a need to have a private discussion? Whatever you want to say, just say it out right now clearly!”

Yuan Zeyu had an expression which showed that he was in a difficult position. He looked at Huang Yueli and looked towards Lu Zijue who was lying on the soft mattress as he sighed in resignation.

“Miss Bai, I know you have outstanding innate talent so you are proud and arrogant! But you are however still too young and have not understood certain matters! Under this earth, it’s not only a matter of winning and losing or right and wrong. There are still a lot of other things to consider!”

“Although this round, you’ve already won and have more than enough reason to take away the << Divine Martial Record >>, but have you ever thought of this? Lu Zijue had a battle with you and sustained such heavy injury. If this matter were to leak out, then Lu family would be completely enraged! To appease the Lu family’s rage is not an easy matter and if you still insist on taking away their secret cultivation method, have you ever considered what the Lu family will do? They will absolutely not let you off easily!”

Huang Yueli heard his earnest and well-meaning advice as her lips curled upwards into a curve which mimicked a ridicule.

“Young Master Yuan, I understand your meaning perfectly…..”

“It’s good that you understand…..” Yuan Zeyu heaved a long sigh of relief.

“….. but, so what?’

Huang Yueli continued her words on with indifference.