Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Renege On A Debt? 3

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“… WHAT?” Yuan Zeyu started to doubt his own ears.

Huang Yueli continued answering him in a calm and collected manner, “Young Master Yuan, you heard me correctly. I am very grateful for your well-intended reminders but since I’ve won the battle, then taking the stake away is what I’m entitled to! I’m not concerned about what the Lu family will do, I’m only concerned about getting the things which I should get.”

“You… how can you not distinguish between the severity of this matter?” Yuan Zeyu started to become displeased, “The power of Sky Cloud City’s large families is not something that you can imagine! One of the old ancestors of the Lu family had even been Celestial Light Sect’s Sect Master! Ordinary people are not able to offend this kind of large family! If you really are going to take away the << Divine Martial Record >>, then even I will have no way to protect you!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she replied, “Thank you but I did not seem to mention ever that I require Yuan family’s protection right? Young Master Yuan please rest assured that once I step out of Yuan residence’s main door, my matter would be of no concern to you. So now, can you pass me the << Divine Martial Record>>?

Yuan Zeyu frowned as he stared intently at the young lady who had a charming smile on her face as his heart stirred into a bout of frustration.

He really wanted to woo Huang Yueli so all the more he couldn’t allow her to offend Lu family! Lu family had always been the first to shield their people and was well known to be unreasonable!

But this lass was just one track mind, totally unable to twist and turn and completely ignoring his advice.

Huang Yueli stretched out her delicate arm as she raised it upwards waiting for Yuan Zeyu to hand her the cultivation method.

Yuan Zeyu clenched his teeth as he tried to persuade further, “How about this, Miss Bai, you’ve indeed won. So let you return empty handed is indeed not right! I shall personally compensate you a hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones as compensation!”

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she was stunned, “You want to give me money?”

Yuan Zeyu replied, << Divine Martial Record >> is a cultivation method which trains the body. You’re not intending to go into this line of training so it’s impossible for you to cultivate anyway. So after you get this, you’d probably sell it off at the auction house for money! An Earth grade cultivation method’s original value is a few hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones. Moreover this is something which Lu family had lost, so even if you brought it to the auction house, most probably no one would dare to accept it! Since that’s the case, why not give me some face and sell it to me at a discounted pricing, how about it?”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose in surprise, “Young Master Yuan…. Why are you doing this? Yuan family is the number one large family in Sky Cloud City, so surely you shouldn’t be worried of the Lu family to such an extent right?”

Yuan Zeyu stared at her eyes and seeing that she totally don’t treat it as a matter, his heart started to turn anxious and flustered.

He couldn’t help but blurt out, “Miss Bai, why would I be scared of the Lu family, I’m doing this all for you! Why can’t you understand? If you are really short of spirit stones or any suitable cultivation methods, I can help you! But you’d better not offend the Lu family! Listen to me, I don’t harm you so let this matter rest now!”

This conversation was just too direct and many of them had understood what he meant.

“Surely it cannot be true? Young Master Yuan really took a liking to Bai Ruoli?”

“How can it be fake? But this Miss Bai has such ability and looks, so even if Young Master Yuan takes a liking to her, it is also considered normal right!”

“I’m so envious of her! Why does Young Master Yuan treat her so well! He already thought on her behalf and even initiated to give her spirit stones just so that she does not offend the Lu family!”

Huang Yueli heard his passionate intention but only smiled with a ridicule, totally not taking it to heart.

This successor of Sky Cloud City’s number one large family had really treated himself as Don Juan!