Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 916

Chapter 916 Toad Lusting After A Swans Flesh 1

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It was just the first time they met and he had this look which seemed like totally devoted to her, as though she was an innocent young lady who had never seen the world?

She was very clear what went on in a man’s mind. It was purely because he had seen her outstanding ability and exceeding innate talent which he felt was of value to him!

The so called admiration, rather than calling it admiration towards her, it might as well be labelled as the admiration towards her “value”!

Moreover, the proposal which he raised was even laughable.

A high grade cultivation method manual which was worthy of becoming a family heirloom was only worth a hundred thousand of upper grade spirit stones? Who was he trying to bluff?

Yuan Zeyu’s idea, to be blunt, was still forcing her to back down. The only difference was retreating from a hundred steps had now became retreating a total of ninety nine steps only!

If he really wanted to help her, he should directly give her the cultivation method! No matter how strong Lu family’s stance was, as compared to Yuan family, there still should have been some huge difference.

So in the end, Yuan Zeyu’s consideration was still on his own benefits.

He hoped that he would not offend any side. On one hand, he wanted to win a favourable impression from Huang Yueli but he didn’t want to offend the Lu family from marrying this legendary figure which was why he couldn’t make up his mind.

As compared to Li Moying who stood by her unwaveringly, Yuan Zeyu was simply too weak for words!

If that man was here right now, he would probably had led her to Lu family to wreak havoc long ago.

In Huang Yueli’s heart, she was very clear of this so even though Yuan Zeyu put on enamoured expression, it could not sway her emotions one bit.

But Li Xue’er who had always been following behind Yuan Zeyu had seen through the selfish nature behind that enamoured look which he had been putting on.

Seeing that she had finally gained some affection from Yuan Zeyu, but he actually ***** did everything in favour of Huang Yueli, as though he had totally forgotten about her existence as his chaperon.

Li Xue’er was so angry that she was about to fly into a rage but as her capability was not adequate, she did not dare to challenge Huang Yueli.

At this moment, a thought flashed past her mind as she immediately revealed a sneer!

Li Xue’er moved swiftly and appeared in front of Yuan Zeyu, speaking out, “Young Master Yuan, stop trying to persuade her. Miss Bai she… she definitely would not accept your good intentions!”

However Yuan Zeyu’s heart was totally filled with Huang Yueli and had completely lost interest in Li Xue’er.

Seeing that she came out so untactfully, he spoke out in an extremely impatient manner, “This is between me and her, it’s of no concern to you? Get lost!”

Li Xue’er was so infuriated that she clenched hard on her teeth.

When she arrived at the banquet earlier, Yuan Zeyu treated her with the utmost respect and even appeared that he wanted to get more intimate with her. But it hadn’t been that long before he turned stern and cold, and this was all because of Huang Yueli!

She cried out loudly, “Young Master Yuan, you have to consider this carefully. She already has a fiancé so she cannot be with you!”

“What??” Yuan Zeyu’s expression changed instantaneously.

“What? Already has a fiancé? How is that possible?”

“Is this Li Xue’er talking blindly? Even if she wanted to defame someone, she also shouldn’t defame in such a manner? Has she been muddled by jealousy?”

No one believed Li Xue’er’s words because it sounded absolutely ridiculous!

As a practitioner’s lifespan was very long, their cultivation period during their youths were critical. So generally speaking, they often married in a later stage of their lives and the more outstanding their innate talent was, the later they would get married. Only large families descendants would get engaged earlier because they often allied through marriage.

Huang Yueli’s innate talent was so high and she was still so young. Moreover she was from a small country!

Which man from South Yue Kingdom, that rundown country was worthy of her?