Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Toad Lusting After A Swans Flesh 2

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She was already engaged at such a tender age? What kind of joke was that?

Yuan Zeyu calmed down after waves of shock rippled as he thought it could not be true.

“Li Xue’er, what nonsense are you sprouting? If you are to run off your mouth in such a careless manner again and offend my valued guest, don’t blame me for sending you out of here!” He spoke sternly.

Li Xue’er continued in spite of his words, “Young Master Yuan, I’m not sprouting nonsense! Bai Ruoli and I both come from South Yue Kingdom so would I not know her background? Moreover her fiancé is not just anyone, he’s my second brother! This matter is absolutely true and is known throughout my entire South Yue Kingdom!”

Saying that, she turned towards Huang Yueli, putting on an expression which looked like her heart was aching.

“Second Sister-in-law, my Second Brother usually treated you well! How could you pretend that you’re single the minute you came to Sky Cloud City, thinking to fly up the branches? This simply….”

“Shut up——-!”

Huang Yueli spat out the two words as she unleashed the Profound Energy within her.

Li Xue’er was just standing by her side and immediately felt her blood raging from her oppression and couldn’t speak a single word.

Huang Yueli gave a cold harrumph, “Since when had I not admitted the marriage arrangement? And which eye did you see that I’m hoping to fly up the branches? Li Xue’er, you must be held responsible for slandering others!”

“You…. you obviously… obviously was trying to seduce Young Master Yuan…..”

Li Xue’er took a few steps backwards as she forcefully hissed this sentence out from the gaps of her teeth.

A resounding ‘slap’ landed on her face as Huang Yueli gave her a tight slap.

Li Xue’er’s face instantaneously became swollen as she held onto her face, staring unbelievably at Huang Yueli.

“You….. you…..”

She really had not thought that the minute they had the slightest disagreement, Huang Yueli immediately struck out and hit her! She could not even be bothered to debate any further!

“What you? You claimed this earlier, I’m your Second Sister-in-law! You spoke at will without thinking and sprouted nonsense, you have no upbringing at all! Since your parents and brothers are not here, then I shall educate you on behalf of your Second Brother!”

Saying that, she continued slapping Li Xue’er’s face continuously for ten over times and Li Xue’er was totally unable to avoid and very soon, her face was swollen like a pig head!

Huang Yueli intentionally didn’t use much strength. Otherwise just one slap of Li Xue’er’s would have sent her flying at least one hundred meters and above!

When the audience saw a fourteen, fifteen young beauty using a senior position to lecture her “sister” who apparently was older than her by several number of years, they were all blown away by this.

Li Xue’er felt that her face was so hot as though it was on fire!

Huang Yueli was obviously humiliating her on purpose and she would rather faint rather than stand there and let her slap continuously! Now that so many people were watching her being slapped and berated as though she was lecturing a three year old brat, this had reduced her to a complete laughing stock!

In the end, the fury got to her and it caused her to faint as per her wishes!

Yuan Zeyu then regained his senses as he stared blankly at Huang Yueli asking in an unbelievable manner, “You… you really have a fiancé??”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, I indeed have a marriage agreement!”

Usually she wasn’t willing to admit the marriage agreement with Li Moying but at this moment, using him as a shield wasn’t a bad idea after all.

“This… how could this be possible?” Yuan Zeyu asked in shock, “With your innate talent, why would you get engaged in South Yue Kingdom? Your fiancé….. what kind of person is he?”

Huang Yueli smiled, thinking if she really told the truth, it would scare him to death!

But she didn’t want to make matters bigger than it was already so she avoided the main points and said simply, “Hasn’t Li Xue’er already said it? It’s her Second Brother! Li Xue’er is the Seventh Princess of our South Yue Kingdom and my fiancé is the Second Prince.”