Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Toad Lusting After A Swans Flesh 3

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“Second Prince…” Yuan Zeyu revealed an ignorant expression.

Although the position of a Second Prince from a bordering small country sounded big, but most of them had seen the world and naturally knew that this kind of status in Soaring Heavens Continent was not worth anything at all!

A beautiful lady with exceeding innate talent actually got engaged with this kind of character??

This totally was illogical? Could it be that Huang Yueli was too young and didn’t understood what was going on and was cheated by that honey-mouthed superficial man?

Yes, that must be it!

This lass was so young and was fixed on cultivation so she should not have met many real men!

Yuan Zeyu thought that he had guessed the truth and hurriedly advised, “Miss Bai, as a practitioner, it’s too early to get engaged! Moreover, with your innate talent, you should find a man who is worthy of you! How would you get engaged so easily? But no matter, based on your current ability, there’s no one who can match up against you so even if you go back and decline this engagement, no one would be able to stop you!”

“Who said I want to decline this engagement? Young Master Yuan, isn’t your scope of concern too wide! I like my fiancé very much and I’ve decided to only marry him!” Huang Yueli bore a face of contempt.

“But, Miss Bai…..”

Yuan Zeyu wanted to persuade further upon hearing that she obstinately persisted in going about things the wrong way.

Huang Yueli had already lost her patience as she spoke curtly, “Young Master Yuan, please cut down on the nonsense. Just one word, this << Divine Martial Record >>, are you giving it to me or not?”

Yuan Zeyu was stunned, not expected her to totally disregard his suggestion, ******* and was only thinking of the stakes earlier.

“Miss Bai, it’s not that I’m intentionally not giving it to you but…..”

Huang Yueli cut him off abruptly, “I understand now, Young Master Yuan, stop these nonsense! I challenge you! If you win, I will write off the << Divine Martial Record >> matter. But if you lose… Yuan family will also need to use a set of cultivation method which was of equal value to the << Divine Martial Record >>!”

The surrounding practitioners broke into a bustle when they heard their exchange.

“Heavens, Bai Ruoli has gone mad, she actually issued a challenge to Young Master Yuan!! She had won against Young Master Lu purely out of luck and thought she really had the ability to challenge Young Master Yuan?”

“She simply hasn’t got any self awareness. I’ve never seen someone who is unable to tell good from bad. Young Master Yuan is already giving her consideration in all ways and even willing to give her a hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones, how much money is that! I’ve never seen that much spirit stones in my entire life! She actually don’t know how to quit while one is ahead!”

“Right, give her an inch and she wants a mile! Why would Young Master Yuan like her? She already has a fiancé and she’s still getting involved with Young Master Yuan!”

Various voices laid with envy and contempt could be heard.

Huang Yueli’s gaze was fixated on Yuan Zeyu as she waited for his reply.

Yuan Zeyu bore a perplexed expression. Although he didn’t believed that he would lose, but he also didn’t want to face Huang Yueli with combat!

Even though he knew that she already had a fiancé, but he had no intention to give up!

Because from what Yuan Zeyu saw, a Second Prince from a neighbouring small country was simply a joke so how was he to snatch his woman from him? Simply a toad lusting after swan’s flesh!

This kind of rival, he couldn’t be bothered with him and would directly disregard him.

So Yuan Zeyu’s thinking had not changed at all and he was still insistent on winning Huang Yueli over!

If he were to injure his little beauty, then they would become foes in future so how was he going to be able to woo her successfully?