Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Young Sect Master Showing Off His Sovereignty 1

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“Miss Bai, don’t be so rash! I’m not going to accept your challenge so for this matter, let’s sit down and have a good discussion…..”

As Yuan Zeyu said that, he shot forward and tried to pull Huang Yueli’s hand.

Huang Yueli frowned and just as she was attempting to avoid him, whoever knew that she had just took half a step backwards and immediately she bumped into a solid object.

“Ah…..” she had not expected anything behind her to be obstructing her so she received a huge shock.

But immediately following that, a well-built arm wrapped around her slender waist and brought her into a man’s solid embrace.

At the same time, Yuan Zeyu’s expression changed as he gave a blood curdling screech and flew outwards!

As the unexpected changes was too sudden, no one was able to react in time and the atmosphere became completely silent.

Huang Yueli felt a familiar overbearing imposing manner charging towards her as she turned around in shock.

That incomparably handsome face of Li Moying’s appeared right in front of her face.

“You….. why are you here?” Her mouth was slightly agape as she bore a face of shock.

Li Moying’s perfectly sculpted face was filled with icy cold frost and his gaze was deep and stern. His emotionless thin lips curled upwards and his lower jaw started to tighten.

Anyone could tell that his mood was bad, extremely bad. It was even more appropriate to say that it was vile to the extreme!

The arm that Li Moying had around her waist tightened even more as he lowered his head and using a possessive attitude, he kissed her lightly on the corners of her lips.

“This is a banquet to celebrate the start of the school term so since I’m also a student of Celestial Light Academy, why can’t I come?”


But what status did Li Moying had? He would attend such a boring banquet?

Li Moying touched her fair white complexion as his gaze sunk, “If I didn’t come, how would I know that there’s a fly who’s been eyeing my woman?”

Huang Yueli’s face started to turn into a deep scarlet red as she was stared at deeply by an ambiguous and passionate gaze.

“What your…. your woman…”

She protested softly which made Li Moying’s icy cold expression revealed slight signs of melting.

Just at this moment, Yuen Zeyu who had been sent flying and entering a short round of concussion suddenly started to regain his consciousness.

With the support of his guards who helped to support him up, he clenched his teeth and shouted in anger, “Who are you?? What guts you have? How dare you create a scene in our Yuan residence…”

Before he could complete his sentence, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Li Moying who was stuck close behind Huang Yueli as his word of threat suddenly got stuck right in his throat.

Yuan Zeyu was tongue tied as he saw the sudden appearance of this handsome man as his heart suddenly trembled and his legs gave way, almost falling onto the ground once again.

How… how was it possible that it was him??

The others didn’t know Li Moying’s real identity but as the Eldest Young Master of Sky Cloud City’s number one large family, Yuan Zeyu had already gotten word from Principal Jiang on Li Moying’s identity. He had even had the honour to battle with him on his first day of appearing at Celestial Light Academy, and had always been proud of this.

So he was the only one there who knew that Li Moying was Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master!

“Yo…. Young…..” his voice started to quiver.

Li Moying’s cold intent swept across to him.

Yuan Zeyu suddenly recalled that Principal Jiang had reminded him that Young Sect Master’s arrival at Celestial Light Academy was a top secret and he didn’t wish to reveal his identity so he must keep his mouth shut on this.

He hastily changed his words, “Se.. Senior Brother Li, you.. why… why have you suddenly come?”