Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Young Sect Master Showing Off His Sovereignty 2

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When those present heard what he said, they suddenly recalled the identity of this man who had suddenly appeared.

“Senior Brother Li?? Surely it can’t be? Could it be that he’s the one….. who just came and had already defeated Young Master Yuan to become the Martial Arts Stage number one ranking Senior Brother Li?”

“That’s right, it’s him! I’d seen him from afar once in the crowd! To think that he was already so handsome when I saw him from afar. I’d never expected that he was so handsome up close, his looks will probably incur the wrath of God and anger of men. Heavens I’m going to faint…..”

“But, why would Senior Brother Li….. why did he suddenly appear here and even hug Bai Ruoli that rightly? Could it be that she and Senior Brother Li has some relations?”

“This… is impossible, how can it be possible? For Young Master Yuan to like her, we can forget about it. Senior Brother Li is even more handsome and more powerful, so how could he possibly like her! That’s just impossible!”

The female students there all burned their jealous gazes tightly onto the two who were in deep embrace.

However, Li Moying’s opening sentence shattered all their dreams.

“Yuan Zeyu, your guts is not small at all, how dare you have designs on my fiancée!”

“F…. Fiancée….?”

Yuan Zeyu was in a daze as he momentarily didn’t catch the gist of what he meant by that word.

He followed Li Moying’s line of sight and looked towards Huang Yueli and he responded blankly, “Senior Brother Li, the fiancée you mentioned… surely it cannot be….. cannot be Miss Bai right?”

Li Moying held tightly onto Huang Yueli’s slender waist as his chilly voice was about to form into icicles.

“What – do – you – think?”

“Ugg, ah? But, but… earlier hadn’t Li Xue’er said Miss Bai already has a fiancé and he is her second brother… ugg…..”

As Yuan Zeyu was talking, he suddenly seemed to think of something as the sweat that formed on his forehead started to drip downwards. Not long ago, his entire body was drenched in sweat.

Heavens, why didn’t he thought of this? Li Xue’er, Li Moying, aren’t their surnames all Li? Could it be that Young Sect Master was Li Xue’er’s second brother and was rumoured as Huang Yueli’s fiancé??

That’s right, in the past he had also heard rumours that Young Sect Master was not born in the Sect but was brought back from a small country in the south!

With both evidences linking up, Huang Yueli’s fiancé’s identity was portrayed vividly!

The more Yuan Zeyu thought, the more afraid he became ang his expression turned so pale as though he was no different from a dead person.

Recalling back that he even had the thoughts earlier that this lass’s fiancé was definitely some toad lusting after a swan’s flesh and had no qualifications to snatch a woman from him, he couldn’t wait to use a slap to beat himself to death!

Heavens, why was he so dumb and had not thought of this much earlier?

Huang Yueli’s innate talent was so outstanding and her looks and temperament were so unique, moreover her mannerism had the demeanour of an influential family so it was not possible for her to be a silly goose who would be cheated by any man. How could the man who had entered her eyes be some ordinary person!

Thinking back, for her to get engaged at such a tender age, naturally it would be because…. she had found another peerless talent who was worthy of her to be her fiancé!

Unfortunately, he had understood all of these a bit too late.

Looking at Li Moying’s emotionless and icy cold gaze, Yuan Zeyu really wishes that time would turn back and he had never said such silly words!

To have designs on the Young Sect Master’s fiancée and to be caught red handed!

Who didn’t know the status of Li Moying in Celestial Light Sect? Although he was the Young Sect Master, but in actual fact, even Sect Master Murong had treated this disciple with utmost respect and dared not used any harsh words.

This time since he had offended Li Moying, perhaps he might not even be able to carry on in future!