Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 921

Chapter 921 Young Sect Master Showing Off His Sovereignty 3

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The more Yuan Zeyu thought, the more afraid he was as he hurriedly tried to explain for himself, “Young…. Senior Brother Li, this is a misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding! I had not known earlier that Miss Bai was your fiancée. If I had known earlier, even if you killed me, I wouldn’t do anything to offend her! Really… Senior Brother Li, you have to believe me…..”

Yuan Zeyu couldn’t stop explaining, almost to the point of kneeling down and kowtowing.

At this moment, he completely disregarded his pride and reputation as Yuan family’s Eldest Young Master.

He only knew one thing. If Li Moying started to hate him because of this, it would not only be him who would get into deep trouble, even the entire Yuan family might be pulled down into the mud!

Li Moying stared at him icily as he replied, “Misunderstanding? Earlier I had heard it with my own ears that Eldest Young Master Yuan was showing so much concern to my fiancée, even persuading her not to get settled down so early and to quickly return back to our country to withdraw from our marriage agreement? Why? Young Master Yuan seems to think that my Li’er and I are not compatible?”

Earlier when he heard what Yuan Zeyu said, he was so infuriated that he could wait to tear this fellow, who had been sowing discord, apart. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had barely recalled that Yuan Zeyu was Celestial Light Sect’s Elder Yuan’s direct grandson, Yuan Zeyu would probably had long become a corpse!

Yuan Zeyu was scared stiff, deeply remorseful on what he said earlier!

His knees gave way as he finally gave in to the inner terror emotions that filled his heart as he knelt down and explained while trembling.

“Noooooo…. I’m in the wrong. Senior Brother Li, I’m wrong! I really didn’t know Miss Bai and you were a couple! I thought which senseless guy had wanted to take advantage of Miss Bai! You and Miss Bai are a natural born couple. No one can be as compatible as you two! Really!”

On seeing his love rival prowling onto the ground, totally throwing away the thought to compete against each other’s abilities, Li Moying’s mood started to become slightly better.

He spoke in an icy tone, “It’s great that Young Master Yuan is so understanding.”

Yuan Zeyu realised that Li Moying was prepared to let him off the hook and he hurriedly added, “Yes, Yes, Senior Brother Li, please be rest assured. I will not dare to sprout rubbish in the future!”

Just in the middle of his words, a voice was heard reporting from the outside of the door.

“Eldest Young Master, my Lord has arrived!”

A middle aged man dressed in purple-red robe walked quickly along the long corridor.

Yuan Zeyu called out in haste, “Father!”

The person who had walked in was the current family head Yuan Tianhua.

Yuan Tianhua bore an expression which seemed like he regretted that Yuan Zeyu didn’t live up to his expectations as he stared one look at him and subsequently, he affectionately bowed respectfully towards Li Moying, “Young…”

Yuan Zeyu hurriedly cut him off, “Father, I forgot to introduce, this person here is our academy’s Senior Brother Li Moying!”

Yuan Tianhua went into a short pause but quickly responded as he realised that Li Moying had kept his identity hidden.

He intelligently changed his tone, “Young Master Li, I’ve heard of your good name. I’m Yuan Tianhua. We welcome you for gracing us here at our Yuan residence and your presence has brought light to our humble dwelling! My son is still young and the things he does is just unreasonable. If he had offended you in any way, please don’t take offence. I will definitely teach him a good lesson!”

The appearance of Yuan Tianhua immediately made the ordinary students excited and surprised.

Sky Cloud City’s number one family’s leader was an eighth stage realm top exponent and was a person of the highest authority. He seldom showed himself and no one had expected that he actually appeared at their insignificant banquet today!

Everyone was discussing quietly and guessing that he had heard Yuan Zeyu being bullied and had specially came to stick up for his son!