Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Young Sect Master Showing Off His Sovereignty 4

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In the end, reality was totally out of everyone’s expectations!

Yuan Tianhua had witnessed his son’s serious injury and was still kneeling on the ground but yet he didn’t show any plans of helping him take revenge. Instead, he had a terrified expression on his face as he even talked to Li Moying in a tolerant tone apologizing humbly and expressing his goodwill!

This scene had simply left everyone shocked! Everyone present were not able to regain their senses at that moment!

A person like Yuan Tianhua, who controlled one of the largest powers in Sky Cloud City had actually…. apologized humbly to a twenty over young man? Moreover, in such a jittery manner, taking caution as though he was afraid that he would continue pursuing this matter!

This… how was this possibly be true?

However, no matter how hard they kept rubbing their eyes, the scenario which they saw had not changed at all!

Li Moying indifferently sweat a glance at Yuan Tianhua and declined to comment.

Yuan Zeyu hurried stood up and walked over, introducing personally, “Father, this Miss Bai standing next to Senior Brother Li is his fiancée and is one of the students in our academy!”

“Ugg…..” Yuan Tianhua went into an obvious blank.

He had met Murong Fei previously and in his impression, the Sect Master’s eldest daughter was Young Sect Master’s fiancée. Not knowing where this young lass had come from, how could she possibly…..

Yuan Zeyu saw his hesitation as he hurriedly jabbed him.

Yuan Tianhua then understood as he hastily said, “Miss Bai is really a beauty and standing next to Young Master Li, you two are really a perfect match, an ideal couple!”

These words pleased Li Moying very much as his icy cold expression started to crumble, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Yuan Tianhua quickly added, “Young Master Li, please take a seat inside! I’ve already ordered the chefs to prepare for the banquet so please have a drink before you leave!”

Li Moying had originally not wanted to deal with these idle people but when he turned around to take a look at Huang Yueli, he realised that this lass was exceptionally obedient today and even leaned against him gently. The smile she had on her face was just nice, displaying the perfect role of his fiancée.

His heart thumped.

Earlier when Yuan Zeyu was about to renege on the stakes earlier, he had already arrived and was prepared to show himself to demand justice on her behalf.

But just at that moment, Li Xue’er suddenly popped out and revealed the fact that Huang Yueli already had a fiancé.

Li Moying’s footsteps came to a halt as he wanted to know badly how his Li’er would answer this question?

The result was that he had indeed heard the answer which he wanted to hear the most. This little lass had, without the slightest hesitation, admitted that she already had a marriage agreement and even claimed loudly that she liked her fiancé and would not marry anyone else!

Such moving words were something which he usually didn’t get to hear!

Even so, Li Moying knew that Huang Yueli had said such things today was because she had to deal with Li Xue’er and Yuan Zeyu, and were not her heartfelt words. But even so, these words had pleased him greatly, making his mood a lot better…..

Thinking of this, his arms withdrew, drawing Huang Yueli into his embrace.

At the same time, he said towards Yuan Tianhua, “Since Lord Yuan is so formal, then I shall have a seat inside!”

Yuan Tianhua was both delighted and surprised as he hurriedly ordered, “Young Master Li, please!”

He had already made preparations to be rejected but he had not expected that Young Sect Master would stay and attend the banquet!

To be able to invite Celestial Light Sect’s Young Sect Master to the Yuan residence was an immensely huge honour! In the entire Sky Cloud City, only his Yuan family could get such an honour!

Li Moying nodded as he brought Huang Yueli into the banquet hall.

Huang Yueli secretly tugged onto Li Moying’s sleeve, protesting softly, “Let’s go back! I don’t want to stay here to attend some banquet.”