Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Feed You Till Youre Full 1

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At this place, everyone looked at her as though they had solemnly determined that she was Li Moying’s.

This made her extremely embarrassed and an indescribable joy which welled up inside!

Why would she feel that being stared upon by those envious gazes would made her feel overjoyed? She obviously was not a vain person!

Li Moying saw her adorable look as she minced on her lips and smiled secretly. This was exactly the kind of effect which he wanted, to let everyone see that this young lady in his embrace….. was his! No one should even dare to covet her!

He had a straight expression on, “Li’er, I know you don’t like places with too many people gathering together but Lord Yuan and I are former acquaintances. Since I’d gate crashed into his residence and if I don’t even have a cup of tea, it is simply disrespectful! We cannot behave in this manner!”

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched.

This man actually dared to lecture her on mannerisms? The person who was obviously usually more overbearing was him!

But she didn’t have the time to say anything before she was already brought into the banquet hall.

Li Moying simply sat on the seat of the host while Yuan Tianhua could only sit on the right hand seat. Yuan Zeyu didn’t even dare to sit and just stood behind his father.

Both father and son of the Yuan family were eagerly attentive, carefully trying means and ways to get into Li Moying’s good books. Li Moying, on the other hand, bearing an indifferent look perfunctorily listening to them.

As Li Moying tugged onto her rigidly, Huang Yueli could only sit right next to him as they stuck closely together.

If it were normal times, she would had resisted all the way to the end long ago!

But it was different now. Earlier she had declared loudly that she had a fiancé and their relationship was great. These were words that she had put into her own mouth so if she were to push this man away, wouldn’t it be akin to slapping her own face?

At this moment, she began to deeply feel remorseful! Sigh, if she knew that this man was going to appear out of the blue, she would never had dared to speak rashly and used him as a shield!

Huang Yueli had never thought that Li Moying had done this on purpose!

He knew that Huang Yueli would only be intimate with him here and intentionally remained behind so that he could enjoy himself a bit more, to have the feeling of being a couple…..

Even though she didn’t know about Li Moying’s plot, but Huang Yueli was already becoming extremely embarrassed.

Because almost everyone was looking at them in the banquet hall. Although most of them didn’t dare to stare at them brazenly, but they would occasionally shoot their glances over.

Mumblings could be heard on and off.

She only needed to use her toes to think before she already knew what these people were talking about!

“Do you know what background does this Senior Brother Li come from? Why…. why does Lord Yuan treat him with such respect! No, Lord Yuan seems to be trying to get into his good books!”

“Isn’t that so? Earlier Young Master Yuan had been beaten up so badly by Senior Brother Li but he didn’t even dare to retaliate back! Moreover, Lord Yuan had seen his own son being beaten up and didn’t even dare to make any sound. Instead he tried to butter him up…. Senior Brother Li’s background must be extremely terrifying! Perhaps he’s from Celestial Light Sect!”

“Surely that can’t be? Don’t tell me you mean….. Senior Brother Li is a direct disciple of our main Sect? If he really had such an identity, why didn’t he remain in the Sect to cultivate properly and ran to Celestial Light Academy instead?”

“Who knows? But I’m making a wild guess. Look at his hand that had been grabbing onto Bai Ruoli so tightly. It’s as though he’s afraid that she would run away. Perhaps Senior Brother Li is here to accompany his own fiancée!”