Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Feed You Till Youre Full 3

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Huang Yueli was caught unaware by that piece of ribs and as she had no way to flare up, she chewed hard on that ribs, thinking of swallowing it down and continuing to give that man beside her a good scolding.

Who knew that after she chewed a few mouthfuls, her eyes suddenly lit up, “It’s really tasty!”

Li Moying’s lips rose upwards as he felt pretty delighted.

He knew it… his little fox was a little foodie and was just too easy to please…..

“Since it’s tasty then have some more!” Li Moying took another piece of ribs for her.

This round, Huang Yueli was much more obedient as she continued to chew on a few more pieces of ribs.

Li Moying looked at her cheeks chomping like a little squirrel as his smile became deeper, “I cannot let my wife go hungry!”

“Cough cough…”

When he said that, Huang Yueli immediately choked and held on to her chest and she coughed for quite a while.

Li Moying poured her a glass of water and he displayed a helpless expression, “Eat slowly, I’m not snatching your food from you! You actually choked!”

Huang Yueli used her watery big eyes and stared at him furiously, “Stop spouting nonsense, we’re not…” She wanted to say “not that kind of relationship” but upon seeing Yuan family’s father and son sitting just next to them, she could only adjust her words to “We’re not married yet so whose your wife!”

“Sooner or later you’d be!” Li Moying gave a wanton smile as the well-defined finger swept past her lips to clean off some oil which had stained the corners of her lips.

Huang Yueli patted her face feeling that the banquet hall seemed to be….. a bit too warm?

Yuan family’s father and son were watching on from not too far away as they had already turned dumb as a wooden chicken.

They couldn’t believe that they actually saw such a strange scene!

Young Sect Master he… he was actually…. actually so gentle and even knew how to make a girl happy, speaking sweet nothings and even fed that young lass personally!

Th.. Thi… This…. This really was the Young Sect Master that they knew?

Even though they hadn’t met Li Moying too many times, but every time they met him, Li Moying had a cold-as-frost look on him and that overbearing aloof presence made everyone filled with fear from the bottom of their hearts, not even daring to show any signs of impudicity

Although he was extremely handsome, but many did not even have the courage to take a look at him!

But now, what did they just saw?

A young lass like Huang Yueli dared to slam the table in front of Li Moying and even scolded him, giving him an ugly expression!

Earlier when she slammed the chopsticks onto the table, Yuan father and son quivered, thinking that she was going to get into deep trouble! What kind of status did the Young Sect Master had? Who dared to show such impudence in front of him?

But the result was?

This young lass was perfectly all right and Li Moying had no temper at all, even trying to make her laugh the entire time. Not to mention feeding her food with that expression with overflowing pampering. It was totally different from the cold, aloof emotionless expression from his usual self. This was simply two different people!

Although those ordinary students seated below the stage could not hear their conversation but they saw clearly when Li Moying fed Huang Yueli food and even affectionately pinched her face.

Many young ladies secretly held their chopsticks so tightly that they broke the chopsticks into two halves!

Why… why did she had such a good life!

Why was the person pampered in Senior Brother Li’s embrace not them!

Even though these young ladies were very clear that even without Huang Yueli, a peerless genius like Li Moying would not possibly took an interest in them.

But this didn’t stop their entire hearts from being filled with envy, jealousy and hatred!