Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Feed You Till Youre Full 4

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When Huang Yueli was finished with the ribs, Li Moying had personally filled a bowl of soup and holding up the soup spoon, he started feeding her mouth by mouth.

In between, Huang Yueli expressed her objections and requested to feed herself.

A reasonable request was rebuked by Li Moying as he gave an evil smile, “Li’er, do you want me to use my mouth to feed you instead?”

U… Us… Use…. Use his mouth? Under everyone’s eyes?

Huang Yueli’s face flushed red instantly as she stared furiously at the man beside her and murmured out a word, “Shameless!”

Unfortunately Li Moying’s face was extremely thick and didn’t think much of it as his right hand steadily raise the soup spoon towards her mouth.

She had no choice but to admit that this man was naturally graceful and elegant. Just an action of picking up the soup spoon seemed incomparably respectful and morally upright. Amidst the light vapour, his face revealed a hazy sense of handsome looks which made Huang Yueli go into a slight daze, being fed by him one mouthful after another.

After she finished her soup, Li Moying smiled contentedly feeling that he had successfully stuffed his little fox full.

Moreover he had achieved his motive of displaying conjugal love. Just from Yuan Zeyu’s disappointed and frustrated expression, it already made him very delighted.

Li Moying spoke out, “Lord Yuan, I’ve already drank some rounds and since my Li’er and I still need to cultivate, we will make a move back to the Academy first, good…..”


Li Moying’s clothes were tugged as the person who had cut him off was Huang Yueli who was right beside him.

“Li’er, what’s wrong?” Li Moying rose his eyebrows. His Li’er had said that she wanted to leave earlier so what made her suddenly change her mind?

Huang Yueli smiled, “Young Master Yuan, you seem to have forgotten something?”

Yuan Zeyu’s face suddenly turned white!

“What’s going on? Zeyu, what happened earlier?” Yuan Tianhua frowned.

Huang Yueli replied, “Lord Yuan, earlier I had a battle with Young Master Lu Zijue at the Peach Blossom Dome but after I had attained victory, your son refused to give me my winnings so what’s the meaning of this? Could it be that he is trying to renege on a debt? I believed in Yuan family which was why I allowed him to be the judge!”

Yuan Tianhua went into a blank, “What?”

Yuan Zeyu immediately rushed over and explained what happened earlier by his ear.

Yuan Tianhua immediately berated him in anger, “You useless fool! Why can’t you even do things properly, embarrassing the Yuan family! Miss Bai, how could our Yuan family possibly be such discreditable people? What are you waiting for? Bring the << Divine Martial Record >> here right now!”

Yuan Zeyu was berated so badly and he was feeling extremely vexed and felt sorry for himself!

Who knew that a young lady from a bordering small country was actually the Young Sect Master’s fiancée!

If he had knew earlier that the terrifying existence behind her was Li Moying, would be even dare to renege on the debt? Don’t say renege, from the start, he would not possibly even have any sense of disrespectfulness and would definitely hold her up high without any improper thoughts…

He hurriedly took out the << Divine Martial Records >> and handed it to Huang Yueli with both hands.

“Miss Bai, this is the << Divine Martial Records >> which you wanted.”

Huang Yueli didn’t stretched out her hand to retrieve it.

Yuan Zeyu was left there standing and he felt extremely embarrassed as he raised his head to look at her.

Huang Yueli sneered, “Why? Trying to use an Earth grade cultivation method to get rid of me? Are you treating me as a beggar?”

Yuan Zeyu just realised that his action of reneging on the debt earlier had completely offended her!

So now, not only did she wanted to get back her capital, she was also looking to collect interest!