Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Youre Jealous? 1

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Yuan Zeyu’s expression turned paled as he knew that his Yuan family would probably had to come out with a large amount of blood!

His heart was vexed to the extreme, why didn’t he automatically hand her the << Divine Martial Record >> earlier or follow the battle’s regulations? Why must he act smart, thinking that he shouldn’t offend Lu family?

Now the result was, he still had to hand up the << Divine Martial Record>> so nothing had changed!

He still ended up offending Lu family!

Moreover, he had gotten into an even bigger problem!

But now that he had already reached this step, he had no other alternative and could only admit his defeat.

“This… Miss Bai, your meaning is…. How do you want us to compensate you?” He carefully probed.

In the end, just one sentence from Yuan Zeya made Yuan Tianhua giving him a tight slap.

“Get lost to one side! What attitude was that? Don’t you know how to speak properly to Miss Bai?? I’ll even things out with you after they have left!”

Yuan Tianhua threw a stare at his son as he felt resentful that he didn’t meet his expectations!

This kid, he usually looked intelligent and was street smart but why was it that at this crucial timing, he failed to catch on! No wonder he had offended Young Sect Master! He initially thought that he was the best candidate for succeeding Yuan family but from the looks of it now, he probably needed to consider again!

Yuan Tianhua hurriedly called out, “Men, bring me my thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine and also retrieve a hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones now. Quick, go now!”

Yuan Zeyu was listening by the side and his heart almost leapt out. He had not imagined that his own father actually took out such a huge fortune!

A hundred thousand upper grade spirit stones. If it was brought to the auction house, it was more than enough to buy a better cultivation method than << Divine Martial Record >>!

As for the Scarlet Ray Vine, it was a seventh level fire attributed medicinal herb and its value was originally very high. Adding on to the fact that this vine which Yuan Tianhua had was already of old age, it was practically priceless! After Yuan Tianhua had obtained this thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine last year, he could not bear to use it and had considered to send it to Sky Emperor City to hire a high ranking Pill Master to refine it into a seventh level pill.

Now he actually took it out as compensation?

Wasn’t this a little too much, did he need to come out with so much compensation?

Moreover, everyone knew that Sect Master Murong had the intention to marry his own eldest daughter to Young Sect Master and the young lass in front of them was definitely not Miss Murong. Although they look intimate, but if she wanted to marry Li Moying, the hopes were not high!

Why was father not clear on the situation?

Yuan Zeyu’s heart seemed to be sliced as he wanted to say something several times but didn’t dare to oppose his father so he could only swallow his words back.

Yuan Tianhua saw his son’s expression and knew what he was thinking about and couldn’t help but frowned.

Very soon, the items he wanted were all sent to the banquet hall.

Yuan Tianhua held the box up with both hands and brought it to Huang Yueli, “Miss Bai, this fellow had offended you and I’m really sorry about it. I can tell that you’re a fire attributed practitioner and your innate talent is really high. Just nice that this thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine is a seventh level fire attributed medicinal herb which can be used to supplement your condition. Especially right after you have advanced, taking a refined Scarlet Ray Pill would have the best effect!”

Huang Tueli took a look at the Scarlet Ray Vine in the box and her eyes lit up as she instantly smiled.

“Lord Yuan, you’re so understanding, so much smarter than your son!”

Yuan Tianhua’s voice was even more respectful, “I don’t deserve your praise!”

He had observed Huang Yueli and Li Moying for quite a while and although those ordinary people only noticed the intimate actions between them, but Yuan Tianhua was not observing these at all!