Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Youre Jealous? 2

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What Yuan Tianhua was observing was the intonation and knowledge Huang Yueli displayed, the mannerism and how she effortlessly raised the mood.

The more he observed, the more heart rendering he felt!

No wonder Young Sect Master was so smitten by her that he couldn’t even be bothered about Sect Master Murong’s eldest daughter!

Just from her shocking innate talent and that superior imposing manner could make one tell that she was no ordinary person! The reason why she could behave at will in front of Li Moying was not because he especially pampered her but because they were evenly matched adversaries!

In front of a perfect man like Young Sect Master, the other women automatically became shorter and was only able to be an accompanier beside him but Huang Yueli totally did not have that kind of feel.

When she and Li Moying stood side by side, that image was in harmony and simply too perfect!

Just this alone, Eldest Miss Murong was not able to achieve it.

He wondered what kind of background did she have?

Yuan Tianhua was very good at grabbing opportunities and after he could tell that Huang Yueli was extraordinary, he immediately decided to bring out his utmost sincerity to appease her anger.

Sometimes, offending a person of high ranking might not totally be a bad thing. After all, if one does not know any better, one cannot be held responsible. Instead this gave him an opportunity to come into contact with her so if he handled it properly, it might become a destined chance!

As expected, Huang Yueli saw his proactiveness and was delighted as she flipped her wrist and kept the thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine and spirit stones all into her realm ring.

This gift of Yuan Tianhua’s had made her extremely satisfied!

The thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine was one of the main medical herbs which was required for the fourth transformation for which she was cultivating and she had been worried about looking for this!

This Yuan Tianhua was really on track!

“Since Lord Yuan is so sincere then the things that had happened earlier is nullified! For Yuan family to have operated for so many years in Sky Cloud City, you’d probably have to consider the relationships with the other families and you’re in a difficult position. I can totally understand that.”

Li Moying saw his little fox showing off her little fangs looking extremely adorable as his gaze also started to turn warm.

Along with that, he felt Yuan Tianhua was much more pleasing to the eye now, “I’ve noted down Lord Yuan’s goodwill!”

Yuan Zeyu saw how rightful Huang Yueli was when she accepted the gifts so immodestly and his heart was simply bleeding! Even he had no authority to use so many spirit stones!

But Yuan Tianhua was so happy that his eyes squinted from his smiling face.

He knew from Young Sect Master’s meaning that today’s matter was already over! And Young Sect Master had noticed him!

This money…. was totally well spent!

The other students below the stage were so shocked that they couldn’t even speak a single word!

Yuan family’s head….. an extremely important man holding a decisive role, one who could produce clouds and rain with his hands. Forget the fact that he tried to get into the good books of Li Moying, but because of one sentence which Huang Yueli said, he had brought out so much money!

Such a huge amount of spirit stones and that thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine, even if it was to a large family like Yuan family, it was an enormous expense!

Moreover when Lord Yuan did this, there was no forced intention on his expression and it seemed as though he had gained some huge advantage instead.

Huang Yueli was totally immodest and her attitude towards Yuan Tianhua was similar to talking to one of her own subordinates.

What on earth was this? They must be dreaming right? It must be it…..

How did things turn out this way?

Li Moying saw Huang Yueli keeping her compensation and pinched her cheek indulgently, “Little money face, are you satisfied now? We should get going!