Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Youre Jealous? 3

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“Mn, alright, thank you Lord Yuan for today’s hospitality, we shall make a move first!”

Li Moying held her waist as he led her to leave the venue together.

Yuan Tianhua respectfully called out behind them, “If the both of you meet with any trouble, you’re welcome to drop by Yuan residence to look for me! The Yuan residence’s door will always be open for the both of you!”

The minute Li Moying left, Yuan Zeyu couldn’t hold himself back any further as he rushed towards Yuan Tianhua with his face filled with anxiety.

“Father! How could you…. how could you bring out so much spirit stones at one go! And… and even give away that thousand year Scarlet Ray Vine to that lass! No matter what, our Yuan family also have a Yuan Elder who is of virtue and prestige in the Sect! Young Sect Master couldn’t possibly do anything to us! Moreover, although that Bai Ruoli’s potential is really not too bad, but her background isn’t good at all and might not be able to marry Young Sect Master…..”

A loud “Pa” was heard!

With his hand on his face, Yuan Zeyu looked at Yuan Tianhua in disbelief.

He had always been pampered in the family so even his father had never hit him before! But now, at the banquet in front of so many guests who had yet to leave, he actually gave him a tight slap??

Yuan Tianhua stared at him, “Useless fellow, what do you know?! You don’t even have the foresight at all! From how I see it…. I must have pampered you rotten usually, to make you imagine that you’re the successor to Sky Cloud City’s number one large family and unequalled in the universe! It seemed that your cultivation speed had also slowed down recently! This will not do. From today onwards, you’re to go into closed door cultivation and before you breakthrough to the fourth stage realm, you’re not allowed to have any more social interaction! You’re not allowed to hold a banquet like this in the future!”


Yuan family’s argument between the father and son duo was faintly transmitted to Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s ears.

But both of them didn’t bother about it at all.

By the time they reached Huang Yueli’s courtyard, it was already evening time again.

Huang Yueli took an inventory check on today’s winnings. Just thinking about the short trip she made today with a sudden windfall made her heart leapt with joy as the corners of her lips curled upwards, smiling as though she was a little kitty who had been successful in stealing a bite.

“Little thing, you’re smiling so brightly today. Looks like your eyes really opened wide at the sight of profit!”

Huang Yueli turned back when she heard what he said. Li Moying had already taken off his outer robe and just wearing a thin inner clothing bearing a look which seemed like he was about to go to bed as he leaned against the bed looking at her with a languid expression.

This piece of inner clothing was made out of wild silk yarn and the defence stats were very high. It keeps one warm during winter and cool during summer but was extremely, extremely light, as though it could not hide anything.

A large part of his fair, smooth yet robust chest could be seen clearly and even the two spots on his chest could be seen indistinctly, looking extremely seductive.

Huang Yueli turned around to take a look and her nose nearly bled!

Mee~eowww~~~ this man…. was simply too devilish and moreover much too shameless!

“Y..Y…You…. What are you trying to do? Haven’t I warned you before that if you are going to spend the night here, you’re not allowed to get fresh with me?”

Li Moying’s smile was full of charm as he licked the corners of his lips in fascination but his tone was completely full of innocence.

“Li’er, what could I possibly do? Don’t frame me! Have I moved my hands or moved my legs? I’ve only just changed a set of clothes, don’t you change into your pajamas before you sleep? Or am I right to say that your thoughts aren’t pure at all and the minute you saw me, you started to think of some images which you shouldn’t be thinking about…..”

“I…” Huang Yueli wasn’t as thick skinned as he was and she couldn’t win him in words so she could only roll her eyes back, “I’ve given you an inch so you better not take a mile!”