Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Youre Jealous? 4

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Li Moying cried out, “What’s called give you an inch and you want a mile? Li’er, you’re too much. Earlier I had played the part of a valiant hero saving a damsel in distress but not only did you not give me an earth shattering hot kiss, you actually said that about me? You made me so sad…..”

Huang Yueli stared at him, “That’s right, I haven’t asked you yet! Why did you appear at the Yuan family’s banquet earlier!”

This man’s ranking was so high in Celestial Light Sect so how would a mere Yuan family be able to invite him?

Li Moying laughed, “What kind of question is that? Quite a number of students with status in Celestial Light Academy received the Honorary Association’s invitation to the banquet and since I’m Martial Arts Stage’s ranking number one, although Yuan Zeyu didn’t dare to offend me, he would still act smart and send me an invite.”

Huang Yueli shot a glance at him, “A female?”

Li Moying laughed dryly, “I think so? I think her surname is Lu?”

“I knew it!” Huang Yueli mumbled in dissatisfaction.

To automatically send an invite to Li Moying, it would definitely be one of those starry eyed female students! This man was simply too popular in Celestial Light Academy? What’s so good about him? All he had was a set of good looks and so many female students were willing to kneel down and lick his shoes!

….. Alright, his mannerism was extremely outstanding. Alright his innate talent was much stronger than other people…. But was there a need to be like this?

It sounded like the person who handed him the invite was Lu Ziyi? Humpf, that blind woman, why didn’t she punch her a few more times earlier?

Huang Yueli pursed her lips in annoyance as she continued, “You know that her surname is Lu? I don’t think much of her. Just hand you the invite and you happily attended the banquet?”

She wasn’t as beautiful as her, nor was she as strong, so how would Li Moying bend according to her will?

Li Moying kept a close eye on her angry face and hearing her sour words, he couldn’t help but laughed out, “I say, Li’er, are you jealous?”

“Je….. Jealous? How is that possible? You’re thinking too much!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide and she denied flatly! A terror formed within her heart secretly, with a feeling that she had been exposed!

What was she thinking about? Was she in a position to bother about Li Moying’s matters? She… she wasn’t even prepared to marry him.

Li Moying laughed as he stretched out his hand and grabbed Huang Yueli who was standing not too far away by her wrist and using some strength, he pulled her over to him.

Huang Yueli was tugged so hard that she lost her balance and fell onto the mattress, just nice pressing against his chest.

“Y…Yo..You…. What are you trying to do? Let me get up!” Huang Yueli tried to climb up but was held on tightly by him, “Li Moying, didn’t you agree not to get fresh with me? As the Young Sect Master of Celestial Light Academy, how could you not keep your words?” She used force to push herself away from Li Moying’s chest.

Li Moying laughed lightly and suddenly got close to her ear as he laughed in a low tone, “Li’er don’t be jealous. How could it be possible that I would attend the banquet for other woman? I don’t even remember how that woman looks like!”

“But you still remember her surname is Li!” Huang Yueli spat out!

The minute she said that, she started regretting as she turned around and saw Li Moying gaze which seemed to display an indistinct smile and she wanted badly to hide inside a hole in the ground!

What was she saying earlier! It really sounded like she was jealous and this man had definitely misunderstood when he heard that!

Luckily Li Moying knew he could not push her too much and this round, he actually didn’t expose her but started to explained by himself.

“I had long forgotten about that matter about the invitation. This afternoon when I came back to look for you, I saw a young lady standing at the entrance of your courtyard.”