Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Youre Jealous? 5

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“I saw her acting suspiciously and asked her over to interrogate her. She was extremely anxious, saying that you had offended a woman in the Honorary Association by the surname Lu and even ran over to Lu residence rashly with the intention to wreak havoc! She was worried you would be at a disadvantage but didn’t know how to find you…..”

“Ah! That’s Sister Su!” Huang Yueli cried out in shock.

Li Moying continued, “En, that woman claims she’s called Su something. Anyway when I heard about this matter, I was worried so I went over.”

Huang Yueli sighed, “Heavens, Sister Su simply loves to ask things and she’s extremely naggy. She would definitely ask me what relationship we have!”

Li Moying indifferently swept her a glance as he emotionlessly gave her a strike, “She won’t question you because she had already asked me directly and I’ve already told her that I’m your fiancé!”

Huang Yueli was exasperated as she snorted, “Y…Y…You.. how could you go around spouting nonsense?”

Li Moying’s expression instantly turned slightly sinister as he replied in an extremely annoyed manner, “What spouting nonsense? Am I not your fiancé? Earlier in the Yuan residence, when you needed to use me, you said I’m your fiancé! Isn’t it a little too quick for you to destroy the bridge after you’ve crossed the river? You’re not going to admit it now?”

“Uggg…” Why did it sounded like she was at fault?

“Moreover, your denial now is too late! Earlier at Yuan residence’s banquet, those students with some status in Celestial Light Academy had all attended and all of them heard about our engagement. By tomorrow, the whole school will know about it! It’s too late for you to deny this!”

Huang Yueli discovered sorrowfully that this really seemed to be the case…..

Ai, why was there always a way to get tangled with Li Moying and herself?

Li Moying saw her despondent look and his tone immediately turned stern, “You little lass, can you let me save some effort? Can’t you quietly stay in the academy and cultivate? Moreover if you wanted to go to the Yuan residence, how could you not even inform me?”

Huang Yueli explained, “I only decided at the last minute so where can I find a chance to tell you? Moreover, it’s not a must for me to inform you right? That kind of level that Yuan Zeyu has, I can deal with him myself and won’t be bullied…..”

Huang Yueli didn’t thought much of it as she talked on.

The more Li Moying heard, the uglier his expression became and with a flip, he pressed Huang Yueli below himself.

“Hey, you…..” Huang Yueli originally wanted to scold him but on seeing Li Moying’s gloomy like dark water expression, her heart jerked and shut her mouth up.

This man…. he really seemed like a natural superior. When he got really angry, even she became flustered.

Li Moying stared at the young lady with love and hate in his eyes. This little thing was both smart and powerful, even a man like him who had eyes on the top of his head often felt shock and admiration from her performance!

But sometimes she was just too over-confident and he didn’t know what to do about it.

Thinking on, he started to restrain his imposing manner and breathed deeply, “Li’er, do you know that I’d be worried about you? I know that your ability is very strong and you have many aces which can help save your life. But I will still worry about you! Even if you just treat me like a friend, can you please consider my feelings, okay?”

Not knowing why, when this man acted overbearing, Huang Yueli felt that she could resist against him with some underlying power.

But once he relaxed his stance, Huang Yueli felt as though she had done something wrong to him and started feeling guilty…..